• Pony Community Soapbox #138 - Positive Thinking, Cozy Secret, and more!

    Community soapbox time, where opinions from around the fandom are dropped down below for you all to discuss and debate! Expect these posts normally when not late every Tuesday at 2:00 PM PST. To submit your own, see this post.

    Headlines this week:

    • Issues Regarding Twilight's New Role
    • Cozy Glow is More than She Seems
    • Why isn't Pinkie Pie getting a single episode?!?
    • Thinking More Positively About Episodes
    • The Dubuc Factor

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Issues Regarding Twilight's New Role
    By: FlareGun45

    So we know Twilight's gonna take Celestia's place and run Equestria with the help of the Mane Six. That's cool and all, but there are ALOTA problems to that! First off: who's gonna take Luna's place? Cadance is running the Crystal Empire, and Flurry is still too young. Maybe when Flurry grows up she can do it, or she'll take Cadance's place and Cadance takes Luna's spot.

    Next: the Mane Five are running alongside Twilight, right? What's gonna happen to their occupations? They might keep them perhaps, but then there's the School to worry about. Starlight's running it on her own, unless the Mane Five can do ALL these things at once! Ponies must have alot more energy than we humans do if they can each handle THREE jobs without getting tired! Then again we dunno what the Mane Five are gonna do - Starlight might need new teachers, and Trixie's already a travelling magician so she's not gonna do it! Maybe the Student 6 will be the new teachers? They'll be the Teacher 6 now? :3

    Spike MIGHT stay with Twilight, but the problem with that is, if Twilight's moving to Canterlot, the castle is already filled with assistants! Raven does the notes! There's already full of employees that do the chores and such. Spike's not gonna feel that useful in Canterlot - I can assure you that. As much as he loves staying with Twilight, he wouldn't want to unemployee the Canterlot staff even more. Starlight might need his help a whole lot more with the school! He's more than proven to be an amazing assistant to Starlight multiple times, it's probably for the best!

    So yeah, regardless of the princesses letting Twilight settle her affairs, that are alota issues that need to be noted.

    Cozy Glow is More than She Seems
    By Mariusioannesp

    I’ve long suspected that Cozy Glow isn’t a mere filly. I’ve begun to suspect that Cozy Glow is actually a remnant of Nightmare Moon that has taken the form a filly. Cozy Gloy will very likely appear in the finale alongside the other villains gathered together in the premiere. It could be revealed as a big twist in the finale. That way, MLP could end just as it began with the Mane 6 using the Elements of Harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon. I imagine that a lot of people might not like that though because that basically makes Cozy Glow a canon-version of Nyx, especially if she ends up being reformed somehow.

    Why isn't Pinkie Pie getting a single episode?!?
    By: Tadashi Satoru (FirePuppy)

    This is getting ridiculous. I was hoping that Pinkie would get an episode in Season 9, but after checking synopsis after synopsis, it's just not happening! Honestly, I have never seen anything like this happen at all ever before -- my favorite member of the Mane Six getting absolutely NO episodes besides Yakity-Sax within like, THIRTY-SIX in a row?!?

    I really wanted to see her get episodes with characters like Fluttershy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, only to see a bunch of useless crap instead. The reason why is probably because the writers are deliberately hating her nowadays and therefore doing their best to kick her out of the show as much as possible. Face it, we're not gonna see Pinkie Pie at all much this season, even if Cheese Sandwich returns, because most of you don't like her at all anymore like you did once, and the writers are following your footsteps.

    Thinking More Positively About Episodes
    By: IReadYouWrite

    Lately, I've been seeing a lot of people nitpicking the most minuscule of things or just flat out saying an episode sucked for various reasons (boring, pony is OOC, seeing a character they don't like, etc.). Now obviously, I can't change that, but what I would recommend is to think a little more positively about the series. For example, rather than saying "I hated this one because (X, Y, Z)..." think instead: "I liked other episodes better." and you might remember the series more fondly. "Love and tolerate" were some of our core values after all.

    And just as a reminder, this show is meant for kids, not to enthrall adults that just happened to like it. We were never the target audience. Do you know how hard it is to please your original demographic while trying to pander to another unintended audience? With that in mind, I applaud their efforts rather than shame them for being bad writers, animators, storyboard artist, etc.

    Have fun and stay positive with this last season! It's the last one we'll get!

    The Dubuc Factor
    By Dark Mind

    Nicole Dubuc always left me puzzled as writer... and as person. Despite loving all of her two-parters and the 200th episode, all of those were written in collaboration with other writers, but when it comes to her solo eps... she didn't quite deliver with them in general. But there are several things that left me puzzled with them: First of all, she claims to love Twilight and Discord so much, and yet she gave them some of the worst portrayals in the series (see Twilight brutally blaming the CMCs in Marks for Effort, freaking out over some highlighters in Uprooted and Discord's general portrayal in A Matter of Principals).

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg: by her tweets she seems VERY convinced of having done a good job with those characters, and she doesn't show any doubt with that. Honestly from a writer who started her job even before Larson and McCarthy themself, and who worked on plenty of successful shows before, I expected so much better, but her way of doing things seems quite shameful.... and not much dignified. To think that I counted so much on her keeping Haber in line after my disappointment for S6, but in the end it's almost like Haber kept her in line instead. What a disappointment.