• "Better Way to Be Bad" Remixes: Toby Macarony's Remix [Alternative Electronic] / Evgeniy Doctor's Remix [House]

    This (amazing) episode came out just last saturday and the (awesome) song from it already got TWO remixes!! Yay the community! Active pony musician Toby Macarony does us the honor of providing the first remix with his signature musical style, effects on vocals reminding of his dark musical experiments of late, and even vocal chops! Next, Evgeniy Doctor is treating us to a catchy House remix that works so well to bring the original vocals in a brand new electronic arrangement! And I bet those two are not gonna be the last remixes of that song!
    Also, Chrysalis is the best.

    Daniel Ingram - Better Way to Be Bad (Toby Macarony Remix)

    Daniel Ingram - Better Way to Be Bad (Evgeniy Doctor Remix)