• Open My Little Pony Art Compilation (All Skill Levels Welcome) #15

    I think every 2 weeks might be too long a gap of time for these posts, so I'll probably shift back to one week. They will also be on Thursdays instead of Fridays at 6 blog time instead of 8.

    So lets get that going today! Your all skill levels welcome compilation has arrived. We are also allowing vectors in these, so if you are a vector artist tracing from the show, feel free to send new stuff to these compilations via Deviant Art link. Everyone can submit to open art, regardless of skill level, but sending a DA, Tumblr, or Twitter link to [email protected] and titling the email OPEN ART

    Anyway, get the open art below!

    [0] Source

    [Somnambula] Kavaiiiiiiiiii by Kopcap94

    [1] Source

    Great and Powerful Dreams by Photon-graher

    [2] Source

    Diane Pie by MysteriousShine

    [3] Source

    Shadow King by MysteriousShine

    [4] Source

    Little Pip - Fallout Equestria by cloudyhan24

    [5] Source

    [Marussia] The Motherlands Calls by Kopcap94

    [6] Source

    Bon bon sketch by AdjieRakaPangestu

    [7] Source

    Lunar Happiness by MysteriousShine

    [8] Source

    Kirin and Flowers by EchoUnicorn

    [9] Source

    Cymora by PencilMelody

    [10] Source

    Porker by thedriveintheatre

    [11] Source

    Rarity Vector 26 - Alternate Manestyle by CyanLightning

    [12] Source

    Do you want some? by Diamond06mlp

    [13] Source

    Winter Fluttershy by AppleNeedle

    [14] Source

    Barbele (AKA Barb) (Rule 63 Spike) by ChiptuneBrony

    [15] Source

    Freedom Spike - I'm Invincible! by ChiptuneBrony

    [16] Source

    Golden Sky by NatuSoulSilver

    [17] Source

    Severe One by Lux-Arume

    [18] Source

    Icon Dump 1 by MysteriousShine

    [19] Source

    Light Heart (Requested by Light Heart101) by miipack603

    [20] Source

    by Hyper Dash on Twitter

    [21] Source

    Fluttershy - doodle by Loveless-Nights

    [23] Source

    Icon Dump 2 by MysteriousShine

    [24] Source

    Autumn Park by AaronMk

    [25] Source

    Icon dump 3 by MysteriousShine

    [26] Source

    [OC] V-ZeN by Kopcap94

    [27] Source

    My New Crystal Slaves - commission by MysteriousShine

    [28] Source

    The Moon Queen Sketch (colored version) by SuperHyperSonic2000

    [29] Source

    Luna by Jbond92

    [30] Source

    a special gift by emiiambar

    [31] Source

    For Nicole Oliver: Celestia and Young Wanda by daimando

    [32] Source

    Avengers (Daytime Version) by lonewolf3878

    [33] Source

    Hoity Toity in memory of Karl Lagerfeld by AceWissle

    [34] Source

    Comm : Bronies for kindness by AdjieRakaPangestu

    [35] Source

    Princess Luna Night Time (pixel art) by SuperHyperSonic2000

    [36] Source

    Me veras volar by GafelPoez

    [37] Source

    by Nuxersopus on Twitter

    [38] Source

    Fluttershy EQG (SFW Version) by Pinipy

    [39] Source

    Sleep Tight.... by Stephen-Fisher

    [40] Source

    by Watching Lizard on Twitter

    [41] Source

    You could be mine by GafelPoez

    [42] Source

    Alarmed Book Horse (pixel art) by SuperHyperSonic2000

    [43] Source

    Dress by Jbond92

    [44] Source

    Shimmer by Huffy26

    [45] Source

    Chilling with favorite pet by AdjieRakaPangestu

    [46] Source

    Queen Luna Headcannon by Dusk-Wind24

    [47] Source

    Lord Discord Headcannon by Dusk-Wind24

    [48] Source

    RainbowScout by RainbowBacon1

    [49] Source

    Rainbow Dash headcannon by Dusk-Wind24

    [50] Source

    MLP: Pillars (G5) 'Concept Art' by PacificGreen

    [51] Source

    Mezma (Happy Birthday Wubcake!) by StealingShad3z

    [52] Source

    Lo artesanal by GafelPoez

    [53] Source

    looking at you by Maviuna

    [54] Source

    [55] Source

    [56] Source

    [57] Source