• Pony Community Soapbox #129 - Spike Justice, Important Platonic Relationships, and More!

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    Headlines this week:

    • Spike Justice Coming Soon?
    • MLP and the 2020 Olympics
    • The Importance of Platonic Relations in MLP:FIM
    • Three MLP G5 Scenarios for the Brony Fandom
    • Discord's search for truth

    And get your soapboxes below!

    Spike Justice Coming Soon?
    By: FlareGun45

    Ok, yes, Spikeabuse and the crush on Rarity does seem to be coming back a bit. After it was gone or very little amount in seasons 6 and 7, comes back later in season 8, then Best Gift Ever, and then one of the shorts with Rarity. However, I don't think there's anything to worry about it! In fact, this looks promising! Before you freak out, lemme tell you why!

    Why are the writers making Spike the target of unfortunate events again when they know most of the fandom don't like it? Simple answer: they just wanna make us mad cause it's their show! >:3 Nah I'm kidding, they're most likely doing it cause Spike's getting much needed justice next season! Same with the crush on Rarity! It wasn't AS bad in seasons 6 and 7, but then it started clouding Spike's judgement again. Next season, that crush is gonna say "adios"! Butt-monkey Spike? Next season it's gonna go "tally-ho"! They're only bringing it back to remind us about them, and then use it for Spike's story arc next season! He's gonna outgrow all of that! Maybe with a little help though!

    C'mon I don't think the writers are THAT clueless! It's a little kid's show, and they bring all the bad luck and misfortunes to an outsider orphan? This ain't Family Guy! Unlike that show, MLP has morals and meant to be taken into consideration! Unless of course the morals AREN'T meant to be taken seriously and neither is this show and we're not supposed to learn anything from it?

    MLP and the 2020 Olympics
    BY: Nightmare Muffin

    The 2020 real life Olympics will be held in Tokyo. Being a fan of Japanese culture, I'm a bit happy. I have no doubt that pony will still be going strong, whether we stay in g4 or transition to 4.5. Can you guys see any potential in MLP and Japan colliding, whether we're given an episode, or with the ponies (in Japan, at least) being given gear with Olympic themes on them, merchandise-wise? I've been dying for the show to have more Japanese region exploration (Neighppon, Japonies, Tokyoat,). especially since we have an entire toyline (Osharena ponies by Takara) back in g1 that originated out of Japan and could get a cameo or rebooted toyline in that year. What do others want to see made possible with MLP and Tokyo's 2020 Olympics?

    The Importance of Platonic Relations in MLP:FIM
    By: Elton's Stuff

    Have you ever seen those posts put up by your friends about Love, saying "Love is this" or "Love is that"? Well the more you take notice of these posts, the more a perturbing revelation takes place. So many people, teens and adults alike, don't know what Love is. or rather to clarify, only know one form of Love; "Romantic" Love, glorified by media and other enterprises looking to earn money.

    This brings us to the type of Love showed so gloriously in a show about pastel ponies, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is one of the best, if not only show that almost immaculately shows Platonic Love at it's best. These ponies fully encapsulate what Love can be at it's peak, and it's not done through some contrived "Romeo and Juliet" plot, nay, These three dimensional characters show that working together with friends, through a Love that is so familial, almost anything can be overcome. In retrospect, it's one of the greatest reasons I enjoy this show. So many other franchises throw in Romantic threads at characters or stories for no other reason than to entice fans. (I won't be going into the psychology as to why mediums with Romance sell more, but feel free to look that up yourself !) I'm glad that MLP:FIM has not gone the Romantic route, and I'm pleased that the show doesn't need it to do well.

    We need more shows like MLP; if people are ever going to learn the true meaning of what Love is, and how Platonic Love can be even more satisfying than Romantic Love.

    Three MLP G5 Scenarios for the Brony Fandom
    By: JT Wilson

    MLP G5 is approaching but the shape it'll take is still quite ambiguous. What it will mean for the brony fandom going forward is just as uncertain; the following scenarios are my own broad takes on possible outcomes.

    The first would be the best case for the fandom; G5 is an enormous success, bringing in fans new and old while revitalizing the fandom in general. The convention scene starts growing again and it's stable as long as G5 lasts (which, in this instance, would be all or most of the 2020s). It would never be as large as it was in its prime, but it would have enough strength to be a viable, independent fandom.

    The second would be more neutral/status quo..G5 receives a tepid reception and the show only lasts to the 65 episode point. Fandom population keeps decreasing although the first season somewhat staunches the bleeding. Just a few conventions remain and after G5 finishes its run, they close and what's left of the fandom is exclusively online. Art, crafts, and fanfiction are still created and there are a few sporadic meetups but it's otherwise indistinguishable from the many other small fandoms on the Internet.

    As bad as that sounds, the worst case (and thankfully the least likely) would be for G5 to be a complete flop/creative failure, which would preclude any kind of G5 fandom forming while bringing what's left of G4 to a near standstill.

    Discord's search for truth
    By: indiana

    A while ago there was a podcast done on the YT channel TheThinkingAtheist with the title "John de Lancie: The Truth & The Lie" that for some reason was never posted on EQD...or at least I never saw it. Please look it up because it's important. What surprised me about that was the fact that John was a lover of truth and humanism for all this time and I never knew it. But then I checked around the show when Discord first appeared and guess what? Discord has always been open to reform in the pony world while being his chaotic self. Why? To balance out his chaotic side with a little bit of order. And the best catalysts for order are truth and kindness. I think some of you may be very confused at this point. What I am trying to say is that both the character Discord and the actor John are the embodiment of entities who wear a mask that entertains but beyond that mask they are the most honesty hungry beings you will find out there. In the season 2 opening, Discord for some reason choses to deal with Applejack first in the maze and in the second episode, for some reason once again, out of all the ponies, it's AJ who gets to have a personal chat with Discord before him being turned to stone. Coincidence? I think not.