• 20 Awesome Shiny and Cadance Songs to Listen To + Playlist!

    I made my best MTG EDH deck while listening to Neigh Anything here. Good times. Definitely one of my favorite songs in the fandom.

    We've got a bunch to go with it! Head on down below for some Shiny and Cadance music~

    [1] Source

    Love Is In Bloom (Archie Remix) by Archie (Second Channel)

    [2] Source

    Aviators - Love is in Bloom Remix (Feat. Yelling At Cats and Hmage) by Aviators

    [3] Source

    It'll Be OK (FiW original song) by SherclopPones

    [4] Source

    Neigh Anything (feat. Melody Note) - FritzyBeat hugs Sim Gretina by FritzyBeat

    [5] Source

    My Cadence (Ft. Megaphoric and ismBoF) by Matthew Mosier (Music)

    [6] Source

    Changeling by All Levels at Once

    [7] Source

    This Day Aria Rock! by Claire Anne Carr

    [8] Source

    Super Ponybeat - This Day Aria (Changeling Mix ft. Odyssey) by Eurobeat Brony by Odyssey Eurobeat

    [9] Source

    This Day Aria (Korw Remix) by Korw

    [10] Source

    Daniel Ingram - This Day Aria [StrachAttack Remix] by StrachAttack

    [11] Source

    Stay - Knife Pony ft. Feather by KnifePonyy

    [12] Source

    Starlight - Forgotten (Ft Mica) by Proctra

    [13] Source

    MLP:FiM Love Conquers All (Extended Orchestral Version) by MelodicPony

    [14] Source

    Shining Armor - by MandoPony by MandoPony

    [15] Source

    Cadence's Heart (Feat. Feather) - [1k Sub. Special Rework] by LookOutLondon

    [16] Source

    4everfreebrony - Just A Game (ft. Chi-Chi) by 4everfreebrony

    [17] Source

    Unrelenting Devotion ( Cadence ) - CommandSpry by CommandSpry

    [18] Source

    [Alicornae EP] Jyc Row - Ave Cadenza by Jyc Row

    [20] Source

    Radiarc - Beloved by Radiarc