• New Music Writer - Makenshi! - Music System Being Revamped (Once Again!)

    Art credit goes to Steam Flash

    Hey everypony, I'm Makenshi, and I have become the new music writer for EQD!

    If I had to share one thing about me with you all, it is that... I love you all! I consider the brony community like a real family and I love you all like brothers and sisters, so much. I love your passion, I love your fan works, I love how you're spreading the values that the show taught us, to make this world a better world!

    Through the years of being a brony I've been delighted to be able to express my love and gratitude through comments on YouTube and DeviantArt, and I've also become much involved in the pony music scene. I'm one of the writers and admins of Horse Music Herald, a website dedicated to promoting the daily pony music made in the community, and I'm also the current manager of Cider Party, a promotional YouTube channel for electronic pony music.

    By becoming the new music writer for EQD, I want to take the opportunity to give even more exposure to our beloved pony musicians, and spread the love even more! Among the changes to the music system, I intend to bring the "pony" in "pony music" up front, and focus on highlighting the songs that I thought other pony fans may like, because of how they're made as a tribute toward a certain character or event in the show, how much love for ponies they express, and such. I'd also like to hear your suggestions, so hit me up anytime if you want to tell me what kind of things you'd like to hear, or if you have any feedback, or if you just want to say hi!

    Lastly I want to give a big shout-out to my beloved teammate ExplodingPonyToast, the previous music writer for EQD, who did such an amazing job writing up all those posts for more than two years! You also know him as the head of Ponies at Dawn!

    I love you all so much and I will do my best to share with you the great things that our community is making by the day.

    Art credit goes to Zefir-ka

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