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    Headlines this week: 

    • In defense of Prince Blueblood. Is he really in the wrong?
    • My Little Pony Finale
    • Friendship is Magic > Equestria Girls
    • Why are the Cake twins STILL babies?
    • Equestrian Electricity and Magic Theory

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    In defense of Prince Blueblood. Is he really in the wrong?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    There are many fans who really dislike Prince Blueblood, from his first appearance in “The Best Night Ever” of season 1, and refuse to let their resentment and ire die. In my opinion, this pony doesn’t deserve all the that that he gets, even down to this day. Let’s look at it from a different perspective. At the time of season 1’s finale, Rarity isn’t as widely known as she is now. She runs one single boutique in some backwater town of naturalists who know nothing of Canterlot society’s ways. Blueblood- being a Prince and related to the Canterlot Royal family (albeit very loosely), also likely has mares vying for his affections on a daily basis- most likely to boost their own wealth and popularity. Rarity herself is guilty of this. What does she know about him on a personal level? We only see her talk excitedly about his status and marrying into his wealth. He had tried to make it clear to Rarity that he wasn’t interested in her from the beginning, by giving her the cold shoulder. And alas, the cake fiasco could be counted simply as an act of instinctual self-preservation rather than out of malice.

    Friendship is Magic > Equestria Girls
    By: FlareGun45

    MLP: FIM - an enchanted magical world about horses of different kinds living together! There are dragons, griffins, creatures that can change shapes, enchanted items, clever history, and friendship being considered a politic in this world! Also there's Kirins!

    Equestria Girls - seven teenagers with magical powers use the power of friendship to defend magical demon villains. Also there's no Kirins.

    Tell me, which one sounds more interesting to you? The first one feels like a child-friendly Lord of the Rings story with a hugely developed world, and another is just another high school drama. I know Equestria Girls is very beloved by a ton of fans (mainly because of Sunset Shimmer), but nowadays, it's just the same story over and over and over again.

    1. Friendship problem
    2. Villain obtains a magical item
    3. Friendship problem worsens
    4. Villain reveals their true nature while half of the Humane 7 get incapacitated
    5. Humane 7 get rescued and use their power of friendship against the villain
    6. Villain apologizes just after being defeated

    Ok why does the villain find out their wrong just after being hit by the power of friendship? It's like it doesn't just get rid of their magical powers, it automatically changes their minds. Then we never see the villain again. So other than to sell toys or for fan-pandering, what's the purpose of the Equestria Girls series? The only reason half of us even watch EG still is because of Sunset Shimmer - she's the only thing keeping the series afloat. Friendship is Magic will ALWAYS superior, cause while it may not be perfect every episode, it is an interesting and original world; and not a cheap Monster High rip-off.

    My Little Pony Finale
    By Fluttershypegasus

    Assuming that the series ends on season 9, there are only two 2-parters left. Since MLP has been a relative cultural phenomenon with a surprisingly detailed lore, it seems only fitting that the finale exists as a way to tie it all together in one neat bow. Here is one of many ideas on how this could happen.

    The story of MLP is one that started over 1000 years before the series’ pilot, when discord was encased in stone and Nightmare Moon was banished. After that, we’ve had many villains, like Sombra, Chrysalis, Tirek etc. But virtually every villain in the series has one thing in common: no one really knows how they got there! (Ignoring the comics which probably don’t count) How did Chrysalis, the storm king Tirek, inhabitants of faraway lands, learn of Equestria in the first place? Why and how did Sombra take over? Do we really know who corrupted Nightmare Moon, or how Discord escaped his stone prison?

    Perhaps there could have been someone greater than all these villains that orchestrated every one of these events. Something very, very old that hates Equestria very, very much. A puppet master behind the puppet masters, perhaps even older than the Princesses themselves, something that finally reveals itself in S9 after all its past plans have failed...

    Of course there are a plethora of ideas the writers could come up with to make an excellent finale to the series, but I think unmasking and defeating such a threat could make for a fitting and poignant end to the series by bringing every major story from every season together one last time.

    Equestrian Electricity and Magic Theory
    By: FlareGun45

    Alrighty then! Here's a soapbox idea I made that's original and interesting! Finally! :P

    So after being on Nightly Discussion back on November 18th, I noticed the picture of Pinkamena in the road and there were electrical wires - something we never seen in Equestria (yet?)! So I wonder... how does electricity work in Equestria? Most of the lights in the homes are real lights with bulbs, so how are the lights powered? Do they get powered by unicorn magic? Or is the magic already within the light? Maybe magical power generators... that are wireless? Who knows? How about Vinyl Scratch's stereo? That's powered by SOMETHING!

    It makes ya wonder about magic in general. I consider magic just some sorta advanced chemistry that's evolved within the ponies in their genes - same with magic within any mythical being, or wizards. It's like Bioshock with the plasmids - people can shoot lightning outta their hands because of advanced chemistry. Science can be pretty confusing within these sci-fis (yes, I consider MLP a sci-fi at this point since it pretty much takes place in an alien world runned by horses). This isn't anything the show is gonna bring up on, but it does give me ideas for my own stuff!

    Why are the Cake twins STILL babies?
    By: FlareGun45

    Back in season 2, just right after Hearth's Warming Eve, the Cake Twins were born! Then season 5 came and Hearthbreakers was released, then Tale, then Club, then Best Gift! I just watched the latter and noticed that the Cake twins were STILL babies! Still had dotted eyes! I thought because of their absence in season 8, they were either gonna grow a bit or they were just gonna not appear anymore (much like Mr. Cake before Best Gift). This show ain't the Simpsons, characters DO grow! Twilight, the CMCs, Starlight had a new look, Spike, Peewee, the changelings... characters do grow and develop in here! So the same should apply to the Cake twins.

    I know new animation puppets can be expensive, but Hasbro a BIG company that can afford it! New animation puppets get made almost every episode, so making some new ones for the Cake twins shouldn't be hard to do! They're not in diapers anymore, but they should at least grow some eyes and become school aged ponies - they're at least 5 years old now in show-time! Hey, they can make an episode about that too about the Cake twins growing up, and see how it affects Pinkie!