• GoFundMe Fire Relief Fundraiser for Tyler (SnowflakeIRL) and Miriam (MaudIRL)

    This one really hurts. (Donate here)

    Tyler and Miriam—a.k.a. SnowflakeIRL and MaudIRL have been staples of the Brony Convention circuit for years now. The cosplaying duo have been to conventions all over the country, volunteering their time, what little financial resources they earn, and energy to making sure each and every single event is something to never forget.

    They are two of the kindest souls you could ever meet.

    This past weekend, on the day SnowflakeIRL was planning to propose to MaudIRL, her father received a phone call from their local police department. Their house was burning down.

    The GoFundMe Campaign goes into extensive detail about what happened, but the short of it is this: they lost everything.

    If there is one thing the Brony Fandom is known for, it's our unparalleled level of generosity. For two people who have given so much to this community, now would be the perfect time for this community to give back.

    If you can afford it, please consider donating to their GoFundMe Campaign. If you cannot donate, please spread the word on social media. Together, I know we can help these two get back on their feet.