• Discussion: What Genre of Game Do You Want to See In Pony Form?

    The unfortunate side effect of a fandom creating pony games for free, is the lack of ability to really see many through to completion. Patreon has kinda helped, but if it's not some kind of NSFW project, it's pretty rare to see a game thrive over there. Without a budget to actually pay people for their work, there isn't a whole lot of incentive to get people through some of the more boring parts of game design.

    Good news though! Our hypothetical hasbro executive is back and he's handing out blank checks like it ain't nothin. They really should reign him in some day, but after we get a game going!

    Your mission as an expert on all things pony, is to decide on a genre for a future, massive budget AAA pony game. Want a Zelda style adventure into the more secluded areas of Equestria? Or maybe a city builder that isn't loaded to the brim with micro-transactions?

    Go discuss below!