• New York Comic Con Coverage: Day 2--Panels Day!

    Hello everybody! The Illustrious Q is here once again to bring you the second day of updates for New York Comic Con!

    Since yesterday was "RUN AROUND AND ZERO OUT YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT DAY", today I had the chance to check out a number of really fun panels! And get dinner outside of the Javits Center, which was important (and cheap).

    Below the break, you'll be able to see how my day went. And more importantly, get a little bit of an idea about the final Voltron: Legendary Defender panel held at the Manhattan Center.

    To get into a big panel like Voltron at a huge convention like NYCC, one does not simply show up 10 minutes before the start of the show. It's a two hour wait time. Minimum.

    Would you believe this was actually toward the front the line? And that behind me the line was extending out onto the streets of Manhattan?

    Even if you don't it's true. The entire venue was packed. The first off site panel of the day was not one to miss!

    There were a couple of activities going on while waiting for the panel to start. The first was a DJ concert. It was interesting to listen to music which I had known really well mix up together in ways I would have never dreams of.

    The second was pick up your free poster! There are a couple of other pieces to this connecting image, Hopefully I'll be able to track those down one day.

    A cosplay contest was held next. Dang, those all looked good.

    Then the panel began right on time! It started off in a way I had honestly never expected. The showrunner for the series took the first couple of minutes to apologize to the audience for the missteps that were taken with Adam.

    You could have heard a pin drop when he started the panel with that. No one in attendance could believe it. It really was something to behold.

    Of course the fun started up after that with a bit of an explanation as to how ADR works in an american cartoon production. They ended up showing off a scratch reel at the panel which was by far the funniest thing I had seen in the series to date.

    I seriously hope it is added as a bonus video on Netflix as part of the final season. Comedy that brilliant should be seen by everyone!

    There were a lot of clips shown from the previous seasons. These were some of the favorite moments from the series as selected by the cast and crew. It was a very different experience to be able to sit down and laugh at these clips with over 1,200 other fans of the series. You know, as opposed to just binge watching the latest season on Netflix and then chatting it all up online.

    But of course, the panel wouldn't be complete without something to tease the final season of this Legendary Defender...

    Something that wasn't that. I'm being serious here. The Voltron panel showcased an entirely different trailer for the grand finale and it made one thing absolutely clear: they are going all out. Nothing will be held back. There will be twists and turns I still can't believe they teased in the trailer.

    Back when this series began, I would not have pegged this character to be the main villain for the entire show. Absolutely incredible work, and such a huge twist.

    However with the first panel over, it was time for me to head back to the Javits Center. I had a panel at 13:45 I wasn't going to miss. So with a few hours to kill, I explored more of the show floor.

    Of course, the first thing I found was a carrot in the lobby. Yes that is a lifesized action figure of Goku. Yes he appears to be fully articulate like his smaller counter parts. And yes, in the background on display are some of the original pieces of art Akira Toriyama created while making Dragon Ball.

    Truly it was something powerful to behold.

    Speaking of power, She-Ra had a massive presence at NYCC this year! However there was one other thing they were showing off at the con aside from that statue.

    The first toys based on the new series! I can already hazard a guess that these two are going to be very, very popular christmas presents under the tree this year!

    However, after She-Ra it was time for me to make my way down to room 1A21.

    Hmm.. One of these things matches up with the time I had mentioned earlier.

    My second panel for the day was dedicated to The Dragon Prince! This panel here was very much light on content, only 15 minutes worth of it. And most of it was to bide time leading up  the announcement of Season 2 for the Netflix series!

    The Q&A session started up after that and for 45 minutes it was fun to listen to.

    But the panel eventually came to an end, and so it was time to venture out back into the Javits Center.

    Or not.

    Yeah, rather than try to navigate that mess, I figured it was time for dinner... after an alcohol tasting with a friend of my in NYC!

    And there was no one who I wanted to spend dinner with more than My Little Ties! Little known fact, until now I guess, we are both Trekkies. Before I could blink, the time had flown by, and I had to head to my final panel for the day.

    Which was at Madison Square Garden! And specifically, it was the Dragon Ball Super: Broly panel!

    Monica Rial (the English VA for Bulma moderated the panel). Today was also her birthday! So the panel started off with everyone singing her "Happy Birthday!"

    The crowd went absolutely nuts when Masako Nozawa (the japanese voice actress for Goku) stepped onto the stage.

    After the first 20 minutes of the panel was dedicated to interviewing the Japanese production staff and Masako Nozawa, the Funimation voice actors for Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Whis, and Broly were all brought out onto the stage!

    At the end of the panel, we were shown a new trailer for the upcoming movie!

    New York City is still trying to find the roof of MSG after that was shown off.

    After the panel, my day was done and I headed home. Good thing MSG is right over Penn Station New York. It made it really quick and easy to catch my train home.

    Till tomorrow guys, This has been The Illustrious Q! See you in the comments!