• Trixie and Starlight Rocket FINALLY Available Officially on Amazon, No Scalped Price!

    The Trixie and Starlight Glimmer Rocket Ship figure is FINALLY on the US version of Amazon without a crazy 50 dollar price tag, straight from the source. This one has been on and off for months now, with random people listing it for stupid amounts. Unfortunately as of posting this, there are only 16 left in stock (17 - 1 cause I totally ordered one).  If you want one, you better be awake at... 12:38 AM Blog time. Join me fellow bat ponies! Our terrible sleep schedules win this time.

    That or outside the US. That's a thing too! You are welcome to grab some fluffy ears and bat wings anyway though~

    Get it over here! 

    Thanks to Gregory, James, and Ryzen for the heads up!