• My Little Pony to Appear on The Netflix Series "The Toys That Made Us"

    If you've been subscribed to Netflix this last year, you've probably run into this one in your recommendations. The Toys That Made Us is dedicated to showing off all the great toys of the last century and how they have evolved over time and influenced society as a whole. Everything from Lego to other Hasbro properties in Transformers has been explored so far. Even the episodes that you might not have nostalgia for are usually super interesting.

    The 3rd season was talked about at SDCC, and it looks like MLP is one of the brands getting the spotlight this time around, joining wrestling, Power Rangers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Expect it to release some time in the future! As always, we will get an update out.

    Thanks to Robert and Jeremy for sending it.