• My Little Pony Comics VIP Dinner to Occur During BronyCon!

    Of course the year I decide to go to Galacon to celebrate my 30th Birthday with my EQD friends is the year this happens with my IDW friends during BronyCon…

    BronyCon is in less than two weeks everyone! If you're looking for something fun an exciting to do with some of the VIPs who will be attending the show on Friday night, then you're in luck!

    IDW Comic Artists and BronyCon* Comic Guests Sara Richard, Tony Fleecs, and Jay Fosgitt are throwing a big fancy VIP MLP Comics Dinner on Friday, July 27th, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST!

    You'll be able to find all the details for the event after the break, of course. Including pricing—which for an event like this is an absolute steal—what your ticket purchase entitles you to—it's a lot and worth more than what you are paying—and a whole bunch of other stuff to blow your mind!

    If you're going to BronyCon consider checking it out! You'll be glad you did. And if you're not, there's an option to get the goodies shipped to you after the con!

    Now please excuse me. I must triple check my finances!

    MLP Comics VIP Dinner 2018
    by Sara Richard, Tony Fleecs, Jay Fosgitt

    PRICE: $350.00 USD

    BronyCon* Comic Guests Tony Fleecs, Sara Richard, and Jay Fosgitt want to have dinner with YOU! Join us for a two-hour dinner, where you can meet and mingle with these talented artists. We're so excited to bring this inaugural event to you, the wonderful attendees of BronyCon 2018. This is a special, ticketed event that's sure to be memorable. In addition to the two-hour dinner with Tony, Jay and Sara, your ticket price includes a BUNCH of great stuff, all exclusive to this VIP Dinner.

    • 1 Premium 9x12 Collaborative Sketch of the Pony of your choice (OCs included!): Pencils and Inks by Tony and Jay, Paints by Sara (Example Below) 
    • 1 Signed Print, featuring art by Jay, Tony and Sara, limited to the number of tickets sold 
    • 1 Copy of Art is Magic Vol 2, signed by Jay, Tony and Sara 
    • 1 Thank You Card, art by Jay and colors by Tony, limited to the number of tickets sold, signed by Jay, Tony and Sara 
    • 1 entry into a raffle: Win the original cover art from one of the three MLP comics shown below! Winners' names to be drawn at the event.

    Can't make the dinner? No problem! You can still sign up for this event and get all the exclusive swag! Just drop us a note, and we'll ship your goodies right to you after the event.

    NOTE: If you would like to bring a +1, but your guest doesn't want any of the goodies, the cost will be $40. Payment will be taken at the door. Each ticket holder is allowed ONE guest only. Guests of ticket holders will not receive any of the art or merchandise listed above, nor will they be eligible for entry into the raffle. Plus Ones WILL be eligible to receive food, drink, friendship, and, possibly, magic.

    * This event is not organized or endorsed by BronyCon.

    Fri, July 27, 2018
    7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

    Johnny Rad's Pizzeria Tavern
    2108 Eastern Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21231

    No Refunds
    9" x 12" Collaborative Sketch Example

     You could win one of these 3 covers!

    Everyone Receives an Early Signed Copy of Art is Magic Volume 2! Street Date September 18th, 2018!