• Discussion: Which Character Should Get a Theme Day?

    If you've followed EQD at all over the past two years, you've probably run into a celebration day or two. We've got a full calendar of them after all. I think it's time to expand it though, and we need your help choosing who should be up for a day!

    Any character that is worthy will need a good amount of content build around them. Art, music, fanfiction, etc. We've largely stuck to ponies for the majority of it, but branching off into a certain changeling queen has definitely been an idea.

    We are also considering dedicated days to races with lots of fandom following. AKA bats.

    Below, suggest a charatcer, upvote ones you like, and the top 10 or so will be thrown into a poll and winners will be pulled out! Their fate is in your hooves~