• Vinyl and Octavia Day - Open Art Submissions!

    Vinyl and Octavia didn't quite hit Fluttershy levels, but they still brought in a solid 30 drawings dedicated to their big day! Head on down below the break for open art submissions dedicated to top tier music pones from artists new and old!

    And keep an eye out for the artist Training Ground later in the summer, where you all can once again practice those art skills with daily prompts!

    [1] Source

    Yacoverse Ship Contest- Shared Tunes by Bubbly-Storm

    [2] Source

    Vinyl Octavia Role Switch by Settop

    [3] Source

    Sister Hate by ptitemouette

    [4] Source

    Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch by ilvbrownies

    [5] Source

    Lost in the Melody by MooMew64

    [6] Source

    Ponyville's #1 DJ by MooMew64

    [7] Source

    Vinyl's Aura by equestriaguy637

    [8] Source

    The greatest gig in the sky by TheRavenCriss

    [9] Source

    Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3 by astclair341

    [10] Source

    Vinyl as Jin Saotome (Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness) by DON2602

    [11] Source

    Octavia as Hayato (Star Gladiator) by DON2602

    [12] Source

    Walking in the forest by cloudyhan24

    [13] Source

    Chalk Octavia - GalaCon 2017 by Malte279

    [14] Source

    Chalk Vinyl Scratch by Malte279

    [15] Source

    The pickup artist by Malte279

    [16] Source

    Templar Octavia Melody by Brownie-Bytes

    [17] Source

    Psychic Vinyl Scratch by Brownie-Bytes

    [18] Source

    Practice Drawing: Vinyl Scratch by xPhiL1998

    [19] Source

    Orchestra and Dubstep Music Players by CybertronianBrony

    [20] Source

    by smurfettyblue

    [21] Source

    Spotlight by TheRavenCriss

    [22] Source

    by t72b

    [23] Source

    by t72b

    [24] Source

    by t72b

    [25] Source

    by t72b

    [26] Source

    Classical Tastes by bobthedalek

    [27] Source

    Music is Love by LupiArts

    [28] Source

    RUSHED drawing vinyltavia day by LW9510

    [29] Source
    By: Satoshi

    [30] Source
    By: Delphina34

    [31] Source
    By: Texasuberallies