• GalaCon Cosplay Contest Opens Registration

    GalaCon has opened up registration for their cosplay event this year with a 25th of June deadline. Maybe some of you can send your pictures in so we can finally have a Cosplay comp here on EQD after so long without one!

    Get the presser below.

    The GalaCon team sends greetings to all of you out there! Preparations are coming along well and we're already excited. Because from now it's less than 80 days to go until GalaCon starts!

    For all the cosplaying visitors of GalaCon, we have recently opened the registration for the cosplay contest. If you wish to participate, find the form on our home page at https://www.galacon.eu/events-panels/galacon-cosplay-contest/ 

    And remember: Everyone can participate, no matter whether you are a total beginner or a professional cosplayer. Because, like in the last years, the main aspect of our cosplay contest is everyone having fun. Participants as well as the audience alike. Please make good use of the registration form, so we can run the contest for sure. This years deadline will be the 25th of June.

    We're thrilled to see your entries!