• Fluttershy Day Draws to a Close

    Time for some well earned rest for our favorite yellow pony. She certainly was glad to see all of the great content you guys sent into us tonight! And so with that we end another appreciation day.

    Our next appreciation day coming up is Vinyl and Octavia Day on May 27th! Hope to see you all there!

    Now check on after the break for the stuff we couldn't quite get to today.

    3D Artwork


    Plushies and Crafts

    [1] Source

    fluttershy anthro plushie school uniform by FluttershyAP

    [2] Source

    Origami Fluttershy by Malte279

    [3] Source

    Fluttershy Cutie Mark Window Decoration by Malte279

    [4] Source

    Fluttershy glass engraving by Malte279

    [5] Source

    A new home for the birdies by Malte279

    [6] Source

    I'll guard your slumber my great, kind pony! by Malte279


    [1] Source

    Hush Now, Quiet Now - Pony A Cappella by Tranquil Voice

    [2] Source

    Music in the Treetops Piano Cover (Fluttershy Day Special) by CandyDrop and PepperMint

    [3] Source

    Caring Heart by Ocean Melody


    [1] Source

    MLP Conspiracy: Fluttershy is Very, Very Wealthy by DagaYemar

    [2] Source

    Fluttershy Appreciation Day: A Personal Pseudo Analysis by Cobalt Fossil


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