• EQD Is Looking for a Volunteer Pony Gaming Writer!

    J͖̦̼͓̃ͫ̑̚ͅo̳̜ͮ̅̓i̹̲̭̪̮ͭ̔̅͆̔n̠̣͙̗̦̲̻̏̓ ̪̫̰̤̯̮̩̐͊u͚͖͕͙̬̙̹͆ͬ̏̏ͧͮ̇s͖͇̠̺̄ͫ̽͋ͅͅ ͚͈̂i̹̻͓̙͙ͩ̒̎̚n͙̭͉̰ͤ͐ ̦̮̩̖̌M̟̄ͧ̿Ä̘͚̬̻̬͍̼ͦ͑̓̾̓D̩̜̼͍͕͎̓ͅN̙ͫ̽͂͛̾ͅE̞̹͗̑̊ͧS͉͕͋͛̔ͬͨS̗͖͈̬̠ͧͮ̐̈

    As someone who plays way too many video games... I've unfortunately done a pretty bad job of keeping up with all the MLP gaming stuff going on. We've come a long way in the last seven years, with hundreds of projects rising and falling as the fandom chugs along, and that doesn't even include the crazy amount of mods people have released for everything from Skyrim to obscure indie titles buried in the vaults of Steam. Pone is everywhere, and I think EQD needs a dedicated person to dive into it!

    If you are interested in tackling our gaming side here, head on down below for the details!

    Writing on EQD is pretty dynamic, as the site is constantly changing internally as new ideas arise and old ideas are retired for not really working. Expect some crazy combined with long periods of nothing happening! It's like tornado chasing... with ponies. Also destruction.

    Here's what we generally want to cover for gaming:
    • Testing of new games submitted to the box to make sure they aren't terrible.
    • Posting of new game projects that pop up. 
    • Reviewing pony games
    • Exploring the bigger game updates (In-Game Legends of Equestria patch writeups for example)
    • Checking out pony mods for regular games
    • Interviewing bigger game project developers on their plans for said games 
    • Good grasp on English writing. We don't have editors to fix up your work (You've probably noticed *cough*) . A few typos are fine, but for long form writing here we tend to be a bit more careful. A good grasp of sentence structure is especially important.
    • An open mind to criticism, especially at the beginning when you are adjusting.
    • A generally positive view of pony. We aren't looking for people who are fed up with the brony game development community or have a bone to pick.
    • Don't get discouraged if your articles aren't super popular. Some games are more interesting than others. Some sections on EQD take some time before people start to notice them. 
    • Age 18+ required
    As with the editorial writers, this is a volunteer position, so we won't be able to provide any real compensation. EQD ain't makin' that much!

    To apply, send an email to [email protected] with GAMING WRITER as the subject line and an example of your writing. It can be a blog post somewhere, a soapbox article you've sent over, a specifically crafted piece for recruitment, or anything else that shows a few paragraphs of your skill. Preferably something that isn't super long.