• 50+ Awesome Fanfics to Read for Fluttershy Day!

    "They wrote me doing... what with Rarity?"

    Fluttershy's fanfic offerings weren't posted last yet, but we have a TON of them this year. Below the break, get a whopping 50 or so of them from all sorts of different genres. Ship her with her bestie, join her on an adventure across Equestria, or read as her dramatic life unfolds!

    Get them all below.

    Slice of Life

    A Matter Of Perspective by NTL

    After a long awaited training session with Rainbow Dash doesn't turn out as she expected, an upset Scootaloo gets some comfort and advice from a source she had never considered before.

    Auk-ward… by Estee

    Since the rediscovery of the Elements, the reputation of the Bearers has been slow to spread -- but it has spread. And so some ponies are now aware that if they ever truly want to know what an animal is thinking, all they need to do is go to Ponyville, approach the cottage on the settled zone's border, and request a consultation -- whereupon the pegasus who lives there will typically do everything she can to turn them away. After all, most ponies really don't want to know that their favorite companions are, at heart, complete morons.

    Wingmares by Couch Crusader

    Little Rainbow Dash is loyal to one pony and one pony only: herself. It's a simple system, and it gets her through the days. But that all changes one stormy summer afternoon at flight camp, when another pegasus blunders into her life--a pegasus with whom she shares nothing in common.

    by Taialin

    After a particularly trying episode of dealing with her cat, Rarity decides to go to Fluttershy for some much-needed relaxation. There, she's introduced to a secret of Fluttershy's that nopony yet has understood.

    Of Cottages And Cloud Houses 
    by bookplayer

    When they first moved to Ponyville, Fluttershy moved into an ornate cloud house, and Rainbow Dash moved into an animal infested cottage. As they settle into new lives and meet new ponies, they quickly discover that this isn't going to work at all.

    by PoisonClaw

    Exhausted after a long day of training, all Rainbow Dash wants to do is rest her aching wings. When Fluttershy shows up unexpectedly on her doorstep, however, sleep will be the last thing on Rainbow's mind.

    Where They Understand You 
    by Loganberry

    Rainbow Dash moved into Ponyville's Cloud House on her birthday. She never expected things to turn out like that; it's a long way down from Cloudsdale, after all. But like so much else in Rainbow's life, Fluttershy had a great deal to do with it. Not that her shy friend could have known that when she made a single choice long before. "Home is not where you live but where they understand you" — Christian Morgenstern

    Winning, And Why 
    by 8686

    Every week, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy play a game. And every week it’s the same, predictable result. Fluttershy doesn't seem to mind. But when she confesses that she doesn't really understand why winning is so important, Rainbow Dash’s world almost explodes. Now Dash is on a mission. Not only to explain to her friend why winning is so awesome, but to prove it too. Because by the end of the day, come hay or high water, Fluttershy is going to win something! Fluttershy just wants to play their game together next week, like always. A story of two ponies and their friendship, past and present. Of winning and losing, the games we play and why we play them.

    Pranks for Nothing 
    by Baal Bunny

    Four weeks after helping her new friends turn Nightmare Moon back into Princess Luna, Fluttershy's still trying to adjust to the changes that have come so suddenly into her life. Because sometimes it seems like having friends can be almost as hard as not having friends...

    What My Cutie Mark was Telling Me 
    by Quillery

    Destiny is a funny thing. Sometimes, at the drop of a hat, our destiny can change. Sometimes, we don't even notice it, and what we end up with is something that doesn't belong. Even after our true friends step in to right what was wrong, a false destiny can leave something behind, and all you can do is ignore it... or embrace it. Set shortly after the end of Magical Mystery Cure.

    by Obselescence

    Fluttershy and Discord have become very good friends lately. Now if only she could convince him that she's not in his imagination...

    Thirteen Days Without Pink 
    by ugugg93

    It has been thirteen days since the fiasco with the swapping of Fluttershy's friends' destinies, thirteen days since it was all fixed and everything went back to normal, and thirteen days since Fluttershy felt anything other than being worthless.

    Fluttershy Wishes 
    by Pen Stroke

    Rarity returns to Ponyville from a business vacation in the camel homeland, bringing gifts for all her friends. Amongst the souvenirs, Fluttershy receives is a beautiful, blue bottle. Yet, upon taking the bottle home, she quickly discovers it contains something magical: a genie. How will Fluttershy use the three near-limitless wishes she has been given, and why does this feline genie's smile seem to mask more than it reveals?

    Keeping Your Hooves On The Ground 
    by InsertAuthorHere

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders ask Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy about what happened just after the events of the Cutie Mark Chronicles; specifically, what happened to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash immediately after the race. Reluctantly, Dash and Fluttershy delve into a tale. A tale of a young Fluttershy's amazement at the world she had landed upon, and a filly Dash's desperate quest to save her from that most evil of places: THE GROUND.

    So Being What We Sow When We Sew 
    by The Descendant

    How did Fluttershy acquire her "Freaky knowledge ah' sewin'!" as Applejack called it? The answer is simple, Rarity taught her! Yet a winter full of struggle takes its toll on the two and brings their friendship to the breaking point.



    by Pascoite

    As many such things do, it all started with Discord trying to help. And now Fluttershy can't escape the apocalyptic proclamations. Next time, she'll try the trick of wishing for no wishes.

    The Contest 
    by Cold in Gardez

    “It’s called ‘Shh’,” said Fluttershy. “It’s a game about who can be quiet the longest. Sound fun? I’m the world champion.” Fluttershy is not a pony who makes things up. She really is the world champion of "Shh," or The Quiet Game. And now it's time for her to defend her crown, with Twilight Sparkle and Rarity along for the ride.

    Flash Fog 
    by Kwakerjack

    When Fluttershy received her certification as a fog specialist, she only wanted a plausible excuse to write off the expenses associated with her ground-based house on her taxes. However, when an accident in Cloudsdale sends a blanket of industrial-grade clouds rolling towards Ponyville, Fluttershy suddenly finds herself in charge of coordinating the response, mostly because she's the only fog specialist in the area. Can our heroine step up to the challenge at hoof, or will she risk facing the wrath of the Equestrian Revenue Service?

    Hostile Takeover 
    by Coconutswallow

    The Mane-Event, a popular stage show in Manehattan, has acquired a rare creature they intend to use as part of a new act. Their typical animal handlers prove inadequate for the new job so they invite Equestria's best to be the caretaker-- Fluttershy. Moving to a new city requires the inconvenience of finding a new place to stay, however. What fortune that Trixie, one of the primary acts of the Mane-Event, just so happens to have free space at her apartment. And then the Element of Kindness lived with the Element of Egotism.

    One Night at Fluttershy's 
    by PaulAsaran

    Octavia is looking for a new home in Ponyville and decides to check out Vinyl's available space. Of course, she would happen to come to town right when a major storm's about to hit, and that storm would drop a whole tree on Vinyl's home. Seeing their situation, Fluttershy kindly offers them shelter. That might not have been the best solution. Can Fluttershy help these two musicians get along, or is a new storm about to form inside her cottage?

    Twilight Gets Divorced 
    by Blueshift

    After only five minutes of marriage, Twilight comes to her senses and realises that Flash Sentry is actually really, really boring. It's time to lawyer up and get a divorce! To navigate the complex Equestrian legal system and not lose all her money, Twilight needs the best lawyer in all of Equestria. Unfortunately what she has is Fluttershy.

    Birds of a Feather 
    by AbstractThought

    Pinkie Pie was coming over to Fluttershy's house to invite her to a party when she witnessed a shocking scene: Gilda trying to eat Fluttershy's tongue! She immediately knew she had to get her friends so they could stop that mean griffon before it was too late. After all, why else would Gilda have her beak in Fluttershy's mouth?

    Fluttershy Kicks a Puppy
    by bats

    While she's providing veterinary care at the park, Fluttershy runs afoul with one of the more domesticated critters. ...Fluttershy would never kick a puppy on purpose, would she?

    Fluttershy's Bad "Hare" Day 
    by Pegasus Rescue Brigade

    After an unfortunate incident involving Rainbow Dash and herbal tea, Fluttershy wakes up one morning to discover that she has turned into a rabbit! With her friends unaware of her plight, Fluttershy must turn to Angel bunny to guide her on her quest to restore her original form. In the process, she is given the oppurtunity to experience everyday life in Ponyville from a whole new perspective, and discovers that there is much more to her friends' pets than she ever expected.

    by Silverquill

    Fluttershy is given a rather odd request from somepony she thought she'd never see again: Iron Will. The minotaur seeks her out, asking her to teach him how to be as calm as she is. But when she agrees to being his tutor, will Iron Will take the lessons a little too close to heart?

    A Game of Twits
    by Cassius

    After a mishap at a local cafe leaves Twilight and Fluttershy heavily in debt, the two decide to enter a tournament in order to pay it off. However, they aren't the only grandmistresses planning on winning it big—do they stand a chance against The Black Queen?

    Fluttershy Gets a Paper Cut 
    by Filler

    And then Fluttershy got a paper cut.

    Secret of the Pegasi
    by CTVulpin

    A fantastic air show by Rainbow Dash is spoiled by a violent confrontation with a flock of ducks, resulting in Rainbow breaking a wing. Fluttershy is the first pony to find the wounded pegasus, who makes a request that Fluttershy is not comfortable about fulfilling.


    After The Fall 
    by AndilsAlice

    When Fluttershy fell in love with the ground, she lost more than she could have ever thought possible - her parents. Six years later, she receives a letter sealed with her family crest. Written in verse.

    And A Dark Wind Blows 
    by RazedRainbow

    Was it a magical spell gone awry? An angry god laying waste upon a world that had forgotten him? A long and bloody war? An incurable disease? Fluttershy couldn't remember what it was that had turned the world to this. All she knew was that she had to survive.

    Five Hundred Little Murders 
    by Estee

    Flitter doesn't like most ponies. There's hardly anything in the world Flitter likes, very few which she can even remotely tolerate, and only a couple which she truly loves. Fluttershy is not in the last two categories. Flitter sees Fluttershy as weak, and weakness disgusts her. But when you're trying to help someone you love, you'll look for help in a lot of places -- including the cottage of the weakest pony in the world. And for those willing to listen past their pain, it might be the place where they start to learn what true strength is.

    Where The Sun Is Silent 
    by Cynewulf

    On the eve of Twilight's wedding, trouble is brewing. Fluttershy mourns the love she lost and contemplates the bitter dregs of hate. Two friends loved the same stallion and he chose one. As mysterious murders rock the city of Canterlot and an ancient evil returns to battles long abandoned, Twilight and Fluttershy will finally have that peculiar heart to heart that only rivals in love can have. Unrequited passion is a dangerous force. In normal circumstances, a controllable one. When two mares who loved the same pony are left alone in the dark? Perhaps a lethal one.

    Maybe Tomorrow 
    by Baal Bunny

    Angel Bunny knows he's bad for Fluttershy, and he knows that she's bad for him. But how can he leave her?

    The Cold Hand Of Mercy 
    by Staeg Masque

    In the prime of her life, Fluttershy is contacted by a stallion named Blanche, who comes to her as she sees a bunny she was tending to, Hector, off into the mysterious place Blanche introduces as The Ever. He tells her that she must now take on the mantle of Death in his stead, as the decision is already made and cannot be reversed. Fluttershy is forced to accept, and learns many lessons about the true nature of Kindness, in all its facets, what Death really represents, and whether being Death is truly a bad thing.

    The Proper Care And Feeding Of Monsters 
    by Cold in Gardez

    Fluttershy's kindness to all creatures is legendary in Ponyville. When a freak storm blows in from the Everfree Forest, however, she and her friends discover the limits of compassion, and the dangers of living with your heart wide open to the world.

    The Youth In The Garden 
    by The Descendant

    September 17th, 1862 became the single bloodiest day in American history when a battle was fought along the Antietam Creek near Sharpsburg, Maryland. Yesterday, Fluttershy hummed happily as she watered her garden. The two events are not unrelated.

    A World Without Kindness
    by billymorph

    The war between Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia has destroyed Equestria, leaving the few survivors to struggle to survive in a dying world of eternal twilight. Fluttershy, twisted by the war, now ekes out an existence in the Everfree forest but even that life is under threat. Twilight Sparkle is coming, leading the last army of Dawn, and she will let nothing stop her from retrieving the Elements of Harmony and saving the world; not even old friends.

    Into The Everfree
    by Obselescence

    After a fight with Fluttershy, Angel Bunny runs away from home into the Everfree Forest and the pegasus goes in search of him. But what Fluttershy finds waiting for her there is something she could never have expected...

    by Aquaman

    Fluttershy has been plagued by nightmares, and Twilight wants to help her get rid of them. But when the bookish mare begins to pry into the depths of Fluttershy's unraveling psyche, she finds more questions than answers. What do her dreams mean? Why won't they stop haunting her? And why does the creature she keeps seeing inside them seem like more than just a simple night terror?

    by shortskirtsandexplosions

    After a mysterious earthquake ravages Ponyville overnight, Fluttershy rushes to town in search of survivors. Her friends tell her to keep a safe distance, but once Fluttershy hears a weak voice calling for "help" from inside a deep, dark rift, she realizes that she can't leave.

    When I Consider How My Light Is Spent 
    by Cynewulf

    Fluttershy's life is changing, and she can't stop that change. But perhaps she can decide what it means.

    The Heart of an Author 
    by Oroboro

    Mystery. Love. Magic. Murder. Truth. These are all important elements in the murder mystery Fluttershy has written, and is now asking Twilight to read. But the novel stars 'Twilight Sparkle', and she wrestles with the metafictional dissonance involved in reading a novel about herself and her friends. Twilight must do her best to solve the mystery, reconcile her own feelings about this ordeal, and figure out just what Fluttershy is trying to say by writing all of this in the first place as the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur. [This is a thematic crossover with the visual novel 'Umineko No Naku Koro Ni.' No prior knowledge of Umineko should be necessary.]

    Forever Young 
    by Hyperexponential

    Nopony ever said the friendship between Fluttershy and Discord would be an easy one. The difference in their life expectancies doesn’t help, but that’s a problem Discord can fix with a snap of the talons—that is, until Fluttershy finds out. Discord isn’t one to give up easily, though. He’ll do anything to keep his one and only friend. Anything.

    Fluttershy Goes to Hell 
    by PresentPerfect

    After a terrible accident in the Everfree Forest, Twilight and company must face life without their shiest friend. But when a mysterious message arrives from Zecora, offering them hope of seeing her again, just what consequences await their attempts to bring her back from the dead?


    Fluttershy’s Night Out 
    by Bad Horse

    Fluttershy just wants a little pony company. It doesn't have to be conversation. Maybe she'll just sit and sip the water as it melts off the ice cubes from her empty drink, and watch the other ponies talk. That would be nice. Or maybe something entirely different will happen.

    If I Fell 
    by A Hoof-ful Of Dust

    "What's it like to fly?" Fluttershy considers her non-flying lifestyle.

    The Season Of Grace
    by Willow Wren

    Fluttershy wakes in the middle of the night on Hearth's Warming Eve to find Big Macintosh waiting for her outside. He has a surprise for her, and their subsequent adventure rekindles old feelings and memories of Hearth's Warmings past.

    Kindness's Reward 
    by AVeryStrange

    Fluttershy is used to nursing critters of all sorts back to health. When she comes across a broken showmare, however, it will take all her patience and care to help the other pony. Especially when Trixie begrudges her help every step of the way. Can she get through to her? And can Trixie learn that she doesn't need to stand alone to stand strong?

    Poets Hate Maidens 
    by Aragon

    Fluttershy is absolutely terrified. She just dreamed the perfect dream. Happy St. Valentine's Day, folks.

    I Am Awkward (Yellow) 
    by J Carp

    Moon Dancer has been awarded a prestigious grant to study the Everfree Forest and its history, and so she's moving to Ponyville. In the midst of settling in and making new friends, she meets and becomes completely enchanted by a shy, animal-loving pegasus. But as these two nervous little weirdos start an adorable, awkward relationship, it becomes clear that not everyone is happy about this turn of events.

    Shell Game 
    by BlazzingInferno

    Fluttershy’s struggle with her crippling shyness seemed to be over, now that she had six best friends whisking her off on adventures on a regular basis. Her therapist had other ideas, such as her making a new pony friend all on her own. Her attempt to fulfill that challenge, by way of introducing herself to the first pony to cross her path, didn’t go at all like she expected. A season one romance.

    There's a First Time for Everything 
    by Dubs Rewatcher

    It's Hearts and Hooves Day, and Pinkie Pie is going through her annual rituals. Distribute personalized cards to every resident of Ponyville? Check. Give out candy? Check. Sit in front of her bedroom window and eat lots of raw cookie dough? Mega-check. Everything has gone according to plan, and without a date to go on, Pinkie is ready to spend the rest of the day relaxing. That is, until Pinkie realizes that every time she looks at Fluttershy her tummy feels weird. And if her Pinkie Sense is right—and it always is—that can only mean one thing: she is madly in love with Fluttershy. This can only end well.

    by Steel Resolve

    Rarity and Fluttershy have been friends for years, and every week they go to the spa. But after every trip, Rarity finds herself growing greener with envy over Fluttershy's beauty and grace, if not something more than just envy— and what might happen if she finds out Fluttershy feels the same way about her?

    The Road 
    by Aragon

    There are a lot of roads to be walked. Some are easy. Some are tough. Some are easy to see. And some are not. That morning, Big Macintosh has to walk. And while doing so, he thinks about his life, about his family... and about his relationship with a certain yellow pegasus. Because sometimes, you need to stop and remember. A FlutterMac story.

    What is a Fluttershy 
    by Digi

    After developing odd feelings for a certain pony, Fluttershy confronts her friends in an attempt to come to terms with the new emotions.

    Under the Aurora 
    by Ardensfax

    In an otherworldly night, a sleeper train is making its way back from the frozen north. Sleep, however, is eluding two travelers. One has a hurt that needs to be mended, the other has a dream that must be remembered. It is the perfect night for secrets to be shared. A FlutterDash one-shot, set at the end of The Crystal Empire, on the overnight train back to Canterlot; uncomplicated romance with slight sad and comedy elements.

    Too Shy for a Rainbow 
    by SamRose

    In an attempt to make her feelings known, Fluttershy begins to pursue the target of her delicate heart's affection. However, when her interest seems to be oblivious to her feelings will she find the inner strength to admit her true feelings to the one she desires? Or will disaster follow her at every turn?

    The Night Fluttershy Exploded
    by butterscotchsundae

    When Twilight tells Fluttershy about moonflowers, the rarest of all flowers in Equestria, the Pegasus pony goes on a perilous journey to find them. But when she also encounters Luna, the mysterious Princess of the Moon, she discovers that some things are worth conquering your fears for.


    By Blood Or Choice 
    by Krickis

    Rainbow Dash is the best. She's consistently at the top of her class and is the envy of all her peers. Things only get better when Fluttershy finally starts visiting Cloudsdale again after being gone for months. Except she must not be good enough yet, because they still don't notice her.

    Fluttershy Is Free 
    by Jordan179

    When Rainbow Dash finally agrees to come along with Fluttershy and see a butterfly migration, the blue speedster expects a relaxing, even boring camping trip, not a journey of discovery regarding the true natures of herself and her foalhood friend.

    by OleGrayMane

    Golden Oaks library: a place of knowledge—and friendship. So it's only natural that Twilight shares her passion for learning with Fluttershy by showing her a relic of the past. But her science lesson takes a cryptic turn, and Twilight witnesses an aspect of a friend she thought she knew, as Fluttershy's empathy draws her across the divide of time, connecting her with somepony she could have never known.

    Every Mare Needs Her Stallion 
    by Inquisitor M

    After Fluttershy threw a tantrum in Ponyville's marketplace, Rarity invited her over for some good old girly gossip. The Fluttershy that turns up on her doorstep, however, is absolutely not the one she was expecting. Somefilly has a secret and Rarity isn't above using a few tricks to find out what it is.

    Left Behind 
    by Shrink Laureate

    Fluttershy has been called away on an adventure. An adventure without Rainbow Dash.

    by The 24th Pegasus

    When Fluttershy went to bed, she was a normal mare. When she woke up, she could see numbers floating over everypony's heads. They were timers, each one counting down to some unknown event. Most ponies had timers that wouldn't end for years, some for many decades. But everypony had different numbers. So why does Rainbow Dash's timer end in three hours?

    The Web Untangled 
    by Impossible Numbers

    Spiders. Nightmares on eight scuttling legs. An entire group of creatures so bizarre, menacing, and creepy in their habits that a specific phobia has been dedicated to them. It's proven to be surprisingly popular. Or unpopular, as the case may be. For Fluttershy, though, there's a lot more to them than that. A friend to all living creatures can hardly discriminate amongst her charges. And surprisingly for her, a day when she devotes her time and energy solely to these alien animals proves to be one of the most enjoyable ones of her week.

    by Jay Bear v2

    At night, Fluttershy dreams only of monsters. Under the moon’s unerring glow, she fights her way through their endless gauntlets, aided by a legion of unimaginable friends, to rescue the ponies imprisoned at their core. Each dream is different, but every one ends the same: her standing before the final, most terrifying monster, alone and hopeless. When the sun is up, Fluttershy is like any other pony. She spends time with her best friend Rainbow Dash, trains for war, and follows the latest reports of missing fillies and colts. By day, everything is perfectly normal. And all wrong. [A crossover with Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Knowledge of the series is not required.]

    Three Solos, One Cadence 
    by Inquisitor M

    Cadance, Discord, and Fluttershy walk into a blizzard, but it's no laughing matter: there's something out there, buried beneath centuries of ice. But it's going to take teamwork to find it, and it's neither the Princess of Love nor the Lord of Chaos that are holding all the cards. What's more, somepony predicted everything that is about to happen, and it turns out that history has an unexpected cadence.


    Off The Edge Of The Map 
    by Daetrin

    When Rainbow Dash's newest trick backfires spectacularly, she and Fluttershy find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere. Together, they'll have to survive and find their way back to Equestria and Ponyville...no matter how far the journey.

    Child Of Nightmares And Everfree 
    by Georg

    When a frantic Night Guard seeks help in finding his long-lost wife and daughter in the middle of the Everfree Forest, he finds only Fluttershy able to guide him on his dangerous quest. But as they search, they find far more than they expected, and in the end, he may be forced to accept the painful reality that the daughter he seeks may not want to return with him. The only thing in the Everfree Forest more frightening than a father trying to find his lost daughter, is a mother who does not want to let go.

    First Pony Plural 
    by AugieDog

    Rainbow Dash comes to Fluttershy for help with her next big prank. Fluttershy agrees reluctantly, but as their masquerade begins, she finds herself actually enjoying it. Then the Cutie Map calls the two of them to Cloudsdale, and things take a turn for the peculiar.

    Height by Powered

    Up at the top of the sky, where the air is thin and the mares' tails clouds drift, a pegasus can find peace. It’s a place every pegasus should visit, but a place Rainbow knows the earthbound Fluttershy has never been. A tale of adventure down a path paved with the very best of intentions...

    The White Mare
    by Warren Hutch

    Over a thousand years ago, two royal siblings fought for the sky and were exiled, one by her sister's hoof, and one in penance for what she had done. In the present Republic of Equestria, no one remembers them as anything more than legends and old pony tales, save for one shy filly who fell from the sky one fine summer's day.

    To Perytonia
    by Cloudy Skies

    By royal request, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity travel to far-off Perytonia to establish ties between Equestria and a strange new people. Plunged deep into an alien culture with its own history, understanding the native peryton is only part of the challenge. As Rainbow Dash discovers, navigating her own relationship with her oldest friend may be harder still. A season two story.

    by Kavonde

    Fluttershy agrees to help Rarity promote her new fashion line at the first annual Equestrian Fashion Forum in Canterlot. Alongside Fancy Pants' le petite amie, Fleur de Lis, Fluttershy stumbles onto a plot to ruin Rarity's career. Will they be able to save her, or will the fabulous fashionista be driven from high society once and for all?

    Chaos and Kindness 
    by pjabrony

    Discord's cold heart has been touched. Fluttershy has done her job. But the journey to reformation can't be made in a single crossfade. This is the story of what happened between the first moment of doubt and his presentation to Princess Celestia.


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