• 50+ Awesome Fanfics to Read for Derpy Day!

    We didn't have a fanfic compilation last year, but we do this year thanks to Whisper Key and his crazy gathering skills. Below the break, get 50 of them, all sorted by category for you all to enjoy!

    Read those horse words. I hear your eyes will derp if you manage to complete all of them. Good luck...

    Slice of Life

    Beep Boop, I Will Destroy You by NightWolf289
    A day in the life of a young Derpy. She wakes up, has breakfast, and ventures onward into the wonderful adventure of life. Who knows what mischief she'll get herself into?

    Behind Walleyes by AVeryStrange
    A little short story. I've often given thought to Derpy Hooves. You've seen much better, no doubt. The fans are generally kind to her, though a few make unpleasant decisions about her mental faculties. However, no one I've seen really focuses on the cutie mark. It's a throwaway, right? Nothing special or noteworthy? Well, my good bronies, I beg to differ.

    Bright Eyes by ManeFag
    Derpy's first fanfic. This very short 4-Chan story from November 2010 established her fanon job as the town mailmare.

    Ditzy Doo's Dismally Derpy Day by CLAVDIVS CAESAR
    A day in the life, and a glimpse into the mind, of Ponyville's favorite mail carrier and single mom. But if she had the choice of any one day for everyone to read about, it probably wouldn't be this one...

    Going Up by chris
    This is the story of a very ordinary pony's extraordinary day. Carrot Top and Derpy are good friends indeed, and sometimes friendship can lead to wonderful surprises. It can also lead to arguments, frustration, and general grumpiness, of course, and this story has all of those things as well. But mostly, this is a story about the day Carrot Top learned how to fly.

    Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella by Pascoite
    Caught in a rainstorm again, Derpy trudges off toward home. But along the way, she finds somepony down on her luck as well, somepony who very much reminds Derpy of her own childhood. It was a good day.

    Mother May I? by Moabite
    Derpy explains her medical condition to her daughter.

    Postal Blues And Grey Feathers by The_EE
    An unfortunate accident lands Ponyville's local mailmare in the hospital and her daughter in the care of the town's resident librarian. How will she manage in taking care of the filly? And what is Derpy Hooves hiding?

    Special Derplivery by Chopper’s Top Hat
    Twilight has never met Ponyville's mail carrier, the one and only Derpy Hooves. When she does, she quickly discovers why other ponies find her a bit...odd.

    Spring Cleaning by Pascoite
    Derpy is finally going to get rid of that old book on her shelf. The memories can go with it.

    The Best Present She Could Ask For by theswimminbrony
    It's Mother's Day in Ponyville, and Dinky has a very special present for her mother.

    A Friend For Derpy Hooves by Jimbo
    "Derpy Hooves" is the nickname given to the strange, awkward mare who lives on the edges of Ponyville. What will happen when Princess Celestia sends her a guardian to help socialize her - without her knowledge? How will Derpy handle the discovery that her "friend" was hired to be her babysitter? Against the backdrop of the beautiful Winter Wishes Festival, can Honey Muffin help Derpy Hooves learn to be normal? And what happens if 'normal' isn't something Derpy wants to be?

    Talking Ponies Syndrome by shortskirtsandexplosions
    It's a beautiful day in Ponyville.  Then again, every day is a beautiful day for Derpy Hooves.

    The Funeral Of Derpy Hooves by shortskirtsandexplosions
    Princess Twilight Sparkle holds a wake in the memory of Derpy Hooves after a terrible accident tears the mailmare to pieces.  This tragedy affects everypony in Ponyville, and close friends preparing for the funeral find themselves coming together in ways they never have before, sharing their deepest feelings, their tender memories, and their most delicate secrets.  They even agree to take care of Dinky, fostering Derpy's orphaned daughter into a bright and promising future.    It would all be very noble if Derpy were actually dead.

    The Language Of Stars by Obabscribbler
    Being an accident-prone pony has many drawbacks. Now, however, is the worst time for Derpy's mistakes to take their latest toll on her finances. When paying for damages incurred by her clumsiness leaves her unable to pay for her daughter's birthday present, she is determined that Dinky will have a wonderful day anyhow. That’s easier said than done, however, when the only pony you have to turn to in a crisis is yourself. Or so she thinks.

    When We Took Back The Stars by Dubs Rewatcher
    Equestria hasn’t seen a shooting star in over a thousand years. Derpy Hooves thinks it’s time to give her daughters a Hearth’s Warming gift they’ll never forget.

    Dinkin' Donuts by Pascoite
    Dinky Hooves goes out with a flawless plan for Derpy’s Hearth’s Warming gift. She has only to make the perfect pastry present a reality. And along the way, she’ll find an even better one.

    The Secret Life of Derpy Hooves by TheBandBrony
    What makes Derpy so Ditzy? Find out as she attempts to conquer her fears (and her own head) and put her own spin on another normal day in Ponyville.

    An Average Delivery by TheBrianJ
    How does Derpy put up with one of the most boring jobs in Equestria? With the most active imagination in Equestria, of course.

    Canon by Pascoite
    Partway through her morning practice routine—and routine it is—Octavia seems to have gained an audience. Well, if that mare wants to listen, she'll get a good show.

    The Story of My Life by Mindblower
    My name is Ditsica Esmeralda Doo, always has been, always will be. Had I any friends to speak of, they would have called me ‘Ditzy,’ but I admit that I am not the friendliest of ponies. To be fair, though, I’ve always had the tendency to judge a book by its cover before promptly putting it on my ‘Read Later’ list. After I discovered I had only 24 hours left to exist before I disappeared forever, though, I had no choice but to journey to Equestria’s maximum security dungeon with a mare who was nothing less and nothing more than irritatingly idiotic. Did I mention I’m susceptible to migraines?

    Choices by Paleo Prints
    Cheerilee wants to teach. Ditzy Doo wants her family to stop thinking she's crazy. Lyra just wants Cheerilee. During their first semester in college a sheltered rich girl, a budding engineer, and a street musician will each have to face the decisions that affects the rest of their lives. Will they be able to stay friends?

    The Best Job in Equestria by Mooncalf
    Derpy Hooves. Loveable goofball, caring mother, dedicated mailpony. Of course, few ponies know what she really does for a living.

    A Package for Scootaloo by HiddenBrony
    Scootaloo often goes down into the fields of Ponyville to watch the one and only Rainbow Dash defy physics and gravity with her dangerous stunts that wow even the most talented of pegasi. However, a chance encounter with Ponyville's mailmare leads Scootaloo to confront issues long held in her heart. A story of Derpy and Scootaloo, of family, trials, and a sense of self-worth.

    Cracked Beauty by Slate Sadpony
    Derpy is a dedicated mail mare, albeit a rather untalented one. She's always dropping and breaking the packages entrusted to her. Infuriated, her boss gives her an ultimatum: one more mistake and she's fired. When she suffers a mid-air collision and opens the package to find it is filled with broken plates, her heart shatters as well. Is Derpy really the broken, useless mare that her boss thinks she is?


    Derplicity by Skywriter
    Derpy Hooves is secretly a changeling.  Nopony particularly notices, or cares.

    Derpy Hooves, The Muffin Queen by Dublio
    Carrot Top is baking some muffins but she needs some last minute ingredients so she can finish the final touches on her muffins. Since she doesn't want to leave Derpy Hooves alone, she recruits the help of Lyra and Bon-Bon to keep her at bay. Will they be able to prevent Derpy from eating the muffins? Or will Derpy have the last laugh?

    Shipping And Handling by Pegasus Rescue Brigade
    When Ditzy Doo loses her job at Cloudsdale Mail and Freight, she gets a job at another shipping company... only to find out their definition of shipping has nothing to do with delivering packages! Desperate for income to support herself and Dinky, will Ditzy be able to make it as a pony matchmaker?

    A Very Merry Commission by Impossible Numbers
    Usually not one for tacky clothing or far-out ideas, Rarity nonetheless fulfils a generous if somewhat embarrassing dressmaking commission to please Derpy Hooves. Unfortunately for her, a generous act can have... strange and unexpected consequences, especially when poor, simple, over-the-moon-grateful Derpy insists on repaying the kind deed. Of course, Rarity will take it all in stride. And so will everyone else. It's only fashion, after all. No one ever gets silly or over-the-top about that, right?

    Ditzy Don’t by Bico
    After Ditzy Doo messes up one too many times, Rainbow bans her from the weather team. Ditzy turns to Twilight to help her get over her clumsiness, but can she and the rest of her friends get the job done or will it only result in further calamity?

    Practical Nightmares Only by Impossible Numbers
    Golden Harvest very much likes to think of herself as the sensible mare of the earth. She's certainly not one for breaking a perfectly good daily routine: give Dinky a hot meal, take care of the carrots, try to remember when she last had lunch... Unfortunately, it's Nightmare Night coming up, and she's going through one of the least productive (and therefore least profitable) months of the year. So of course Muffins takes the chance to ask her for help with something she should've done last week. And yes, she does need it ready for tonight, and no, she has no idea how to actually go about it. However, Muffins is a mare on a mission, a pony with a plan. And there's nothing more terrifying than that, even on Nightmare Night.

    Through Storm and Snow by Phoenix Quill
    Ditzellia Esmerelda Doo is an average mare with a long name, and typical job. She also has a not so average eye condition, that brings pain in the form of a name given by other ponies. But when unusual things start to happen, a stranger makes an offer that can turn the tables for our favorite mail mare. Events take place before, during and after "The Return of Harmony" Episodes.

    The Mailmare by theamberfox
    It was supposed to be boring. The Annual Magic Users Convention is the one event of the year that recognizes all the accomplishments that unicorns, alicorns and other magic users have made. It's usually a night of long-winded speeches, mind-numbing presentations and unappetizing food. But when a certain mailmare finds two tickets to the convention addressed to her house, she decides that it is not only her privilege, but her duty to attend. And after suitably preparing herself for the occasion, she changes what is usually a boring night into one of the wildest and most bizarre experiences in a thousand years.

    But I Wanna Die! by Rinnaul
    Ditzy Doo hesitates to eat a muffin, and then Twilight and her friends debate ethics. These events are related.

    Derpy's Faking It by naturalbornderpy
    While strolling around town, Twilight Sparkle accidentally knocks out Derpy's contact lenses, revealing perfectly normal eyes hidden underneath. So what else could Derpy be faking?

    Fridge Horror by Aragon
    Derpy was just trying to make a sandwich. Vinyl was there too. Now the world is ending. Really, it's all their fault.


    A Muffin For Muffins by BatwingCandlewaxxe
    Ditzy Doo, known to some as "Derpy", is not a "smart" pony.  In fact, she's developmentally disabled, and every day is a struggle to just get by.  But despite all that, she loves life and especially loves stories — loves reading them and loves making them up.  More than anything else, she wants to learn to write, and share her stories with the world.  When Princess Twilight discovers an intelligence enhancement spell that could enable her to learn faster and more effectively, a spell that could make her "smart", Ditzy is overjoyed to be the first pony to have her intelligence enhanced.  But not everything turns out as planned, and unforeseen consequences of the complicated magic prove to be a greater blessing, and a greater curse, than anypony could have expected. An homage to Daniel Keyes' short story "Flowers For Algernon", told in epistolary style.

    Bubbles by Anonymous
    The origin story of little Derpy's cutie mark.

    Cold Without A Sun: Hard To Shine Bright by NightWolf289
    Nightmare Moon won; Celestia is gone. The world is dying. The ponies are dying. Without a sun, hope is fading. In the dark, who can shine? But if they're lucky, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. There has to be.

    Hereditary by Lamia
    Every couple of months, Derpy visits the hospital for an appointment that only she and her roommate know about. Since the start, she's convinced Dinky that she simply had some errands to run each time. However, one day she believed that her daughter should learn the truth about where she goes and why. What has Derpy been hiding from her, and what could it mean for Dinky?

    Lazy Eye by Azure-Spark
    All she needs is a shoulder to cry on. A friend, to listen, to understand, to comfort her. And that's what Derpy's getting, right? Or is it? Is it enough to act like a friend? This is the true test of a good friend. Can Derpy do what she knows is right? Or will she succumb to her torn emotions? What is the right thing to do?

    Pony Pyschology Series by Saddlesoap Opera
    Ditzy Doo: Muffins – Ponyville's mailmare is a mystery. Why does she act the way she does? Why does she have a Unicorn foal? What does her Cutie Mark mean? And why is she so fixated on muffins? The answers will reveal a past that she didn't know she had...and a guilt that she may never live down.

    Today, Tomorrow And Forever by Chopper’s Top Hat
    For the first time ever, Derpy Hooves is taking the day off. Why would such a hard-working mailmare abandon her duties? That day, when Dinky comes home from school, her mom's strange behavior leads her to discover something that will change both their lives.

    Ditz And Spitz: Origin of Derpy by Poinger
    After Ditzy has a cordial meeting with her dear friend Spitfire, a friend who believes her memory to be damaged, their worlds are changed when their friendship is no longer secret. Ditzy begins to remember things about who she used to be, while another, more sinister force has never forgotten who she was...

    Fallout: Equestria – The Ditzy Doo Chronicles by Ten Mihara
    Hi, my name is Ditzy Doo. Many of you know me as the author of the 'Wasteland Survival Guide'. For 200 years I wandered the Equestrian Wasteland, and through those experiences I gained the knowledge that I shared with everypony through the Guide. Now, it's time to tell my side of the story.

    The Corner Of (Our) Eyes by Daemon McRae
    Most ponies assume that something is wrong with Ditzy Doo's eyes. Theories range from a head injury to a genetic disorder to muscle damage behind her eye. The crueler folk suggest she's just retarded. Nicer ponies say it's just a party trick she never got tired of. They're all wrong. They're all very, very wrong. I discovered the truth one day in conversation with her. One eye would always look at me, and the other would wander. At least, I thought it was wandering. So while we were talking, I followed it. Goddess in heaven I wish I had not. Never follow the other eye. Ever. Because Ditzy Doo's eyes work fine. She's just watching something. That... thing that's always in the corner of our eyes. And if she looks at you with both eyes? Goddess save you.

    Happy Ending by not plu
    Golden Harvest farms carrots, is incredibly devoted to her husband, and lives in bubbles. Written Script writes and travels far too often, but is charismatic and well-liked. Derpy likes muffins and is legally unfit to take care of her foal. And then there's Dinky, who (legally) belongs to Golden Harvest and (legally) must visit her mother once a month. Life is incredibly complex, but it's also profoundly simple.

    A Bolder Note Than This by Headless
    Octavia Melody has performed for hundreds of audiences across Equestria, and left every one breathless. She has come so far, become one of the most celebrated musicians in the kingdom, and this concert will be her crowning achievement. Tonight, she will play before the Princesses themselves. This is not her story.

    From the Mouths of Fillies by Comma-Kazie
    Not everything is as it seems when Dinky visits her mother in the hospital.

    Where Did Daddy Go? by UniqueSKD
    Dinky Doo asks her mother a question. Derpy Hooves finally reveals a truth.

    Family Matters by RainbowDoubleDash
    Fact: Dinky Doo has the best mother in the world, and Dinky Doo is fully aware of this. Ditzy Doo works hard for her every day, and Dinky tries her hardest to be the daughter that her mom deserves. To really show how much she cares for Ditzy Doo, Dinky needs to get her mother the best birthday gift ever. A new jewelry store opening up in Ponyville provides the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, Amethyst Star's Fine Jewelers is going to result in far more than Dinky bargained for... A "Lunaverse" story.

    The Broken Mare by Brumby_Run
    Derpy has been summoned to Canterlot by Princess Celestia. She has been fitted with the ceremonial armour of the Royal Guard, and has been brought to a courthouse. The princess has asked her to speak of an event in her past that she has no memory of. An event that changed her life and altered her personality. She just has to keep reminding herself that "most days are pretty good."


    Derpy’s Bebop by trelatyraelis
    A journey inside Ditzy's mind, dealing with something she had never experienced before.

    Get Along Home by nospace
    Ditzy Doo is a simple mail mare who often has trouble expressing herself, and she has long given up on the possibility of relationships beyond the few she has already forged. But with some help from her friend, she may be able to overcome those doubts.

    Roots Of A Heart by adcoon
    When Derpy's quest to show Fluttershy how she feels ends in tragedy, how far must she go to make things right?

    The Promises We Keep by Pascoite
    Big Macintosh has fallen hard for the pretty mailmare. When she is forced into a fight for her life, he sticks by her faithfully, but can he keep the promises he's made?

    Blonde Moments by FamousLastWords
    Spike has had a lot of extra time since Twilight and Starlight have become busy with their various duties. It's understandable, but he feels rather useless at times. After taking a trip to the local hospital, Spike starts volunteering to entertain the fillies and colts in the children's wing. Spreading laughs and smiles to children and families who need encouragement is more fulfilling then he could have ever wished. But, when a certain blonde-maned pegasus with much less fortunate circumstances takes notice of Spike and just how caring he truly is, how will Spike react?

    The Art of the Derp by ObabScribbler
    The Spring is Sprung Feast is a yearly tradition in Ponyville, full of food, fun and dancing into the early hours of the morning. Derpy asks Rarity for help 'dressing to impress' when Cloud Kicker sets her sights on Time Turner as her date, but Rarity finds that she gets more from helping the clumsiest pony in town than mere job satisfaction.

    How Sweet It Is by Cranberry Muffin
    When Rainbow Dash makes some changes to the Ponyville Weather Crew's weekly team meetings and implements a snack duty rotation, a certain clutzy pegasus finds herself with some major problems -- The main one being the fact that she can't cook to save her life. With her scheduled snack date fast approaching, poor Derpy has no clue what do, other than fail miserably and get laughed at, as per usual. Fortunately, it's Thunderlane to the rescue!


    Alarm Clock by Meta Four
    Wake up. Go to work. Save Ponyville from unimaginable horrors beyond time and space. Have lunch with your PFF. Ditzy Doo lives in a different world than her fellow ponies. She sees things nopony else can see—like higher-dimensional spatial anomalies, fae creatures, and eldritch abominations. And she uses what she sees to solve problems that nopony else even knows about. But this time, Ditzy may have bitten off more than she can chew. Something very unfriendly is trying to enter Equestria through Ponyville’s Town Hall. An earth pony with an hourglass cutie mark has taken an unhelpful interest in Ditzy. The Princess’s personal student has grown suspicious. And, most irritating of all, her alarm clock radio is acting strangely. Ditzy must race against the clock to save Ponyville—a clock that keeps playing the same song over, and over, and over ...

    The Curious Incident of the (Robot) Dog in the Night-time by Bradel
    For four years, a pair of alien observers have been living in Ponyville under assumed identities, performing cultural studies and avoiding unwelcome attention. But when a piece of advanced technology is stolen from them, the observers must do everything in their power to get it back—preferably before their superiors decide to blow up the planet.


    A Mother’s Work Is Never Done by Dubs Rewatcher
    Being a mother is never easy. But when you're a single mother who happens to have a daughter who's as stubborn as a mule, it gets even harder. One particular night, Dinky seems to be pushing every one of her mother's buttons. But what will happen when Derpy finally decides enough is enough?

    The End Of Enlightenment by Pascoite
    My dear friend and I serve to help ponies pass on to the afterlife. It is a beautiful purpose, and I love her like a sister. But then I found something to love even more. I… I am sorry, my faithful companion.

    The Voice Of Reason by Pascoite
    Everypony is her own worst critic, but few take it to the extreme that Derpy does. Still, where friendship and magic abound, a helping hoof is never far away, if only she'll reach out and take it.

    Who Pulls The Plough by MyOwnNameWasTaken
    Carrot Top's best friend, Derpy Hooves, has always been... different.  She has always had difficulties dealing with life's exigencies.   And Carrot Top has always been there to help.  Through highs and lows, through thick and thin, no matter what.  She takes care of Derpy—that's what friends do. But who takes care of her?

    A Taxing Situation by Pascoite
    When Derpy fills out her tax return, she finds that she owes quite a bit of money. However, she seems to have an alternative way of settling the debt. She might even have fun. A chance for creativity doesn't come around that often, after all.

    Dinky's First Kill by PresentPerfect
    Every child has a moment when they must come face to face with fear. It is a moment predicated in growth and exemplifying growing up. It is a moment that can define a childhood, for good or ill. For Dinky Hooves, that moment has come.


    Ditzy Doo And The Blustery Day by uSea
    In which Dinky Doo asks her mother to tell her a story.

    The Big Butterfly Brouhaha by Adcoon
    "Have you seen a butterfly around here?" I asked Derpy one day. Next thing I don't even know, we're saving Equestria from the fairies in Fluttershy's chicken coop!

    The Mailmare by Bad Horse
    Derpy just wants to bring ponies their mail. She's not trying to save the world. It's funny how things work out sometimes.

    Equestrian Concepts by Achaian
    Ditzy had a long and brutal past, no easy journey, and a small respite in a town called Ponyville. Even that respite was hard-fought and meager, but the world has a way of refusing to let the weary rest and the truth a way of revelation. If that truth then comes, comprehension and acceptance are the next and greatest battle. There are a thousand revelations, and if she mastered them all perfectly she would but glimpse the first iota of truth. This is the Life of Ditzy: straightforward, complicated, clear, uncertain, happy, maddening, passionate, furious, ecstatic, depressing, motherly, raging, loving, blind—but last, and most of all—searching.

    Foreigner by AugieDog
    Three years ago, Gilda volunteered for a posting in the farthest reaches of griffon territory, a place she knew no pony had ever been and a place she hoped no pony would ever come.  And then one morning...

    Guiding Light by Archonix
    Ditzy "Derpy" Doo, once a humble mail mare, was elevated to godhood in a last, desperate act by Celestia moments before she and the entire royal family disappeared. Now the newly crowned Princess De Raptura must contend with the machinations of a court completely alien to her, reconcile with her daughter, make peace with Twilight Sparkle and learn how to control the sun. And she's fairly sure she still has a package to deliver.

    Monster Hunter: Equestria by Bugsydor
    My name is Derpy Hooves. Up until recently, I was just your almost typical local mailmare. Accidents tended to happen around me a lot, but everypony has to have something that's a little off, right? Things changed a bit when my ex-husband turned into a vampire and tried to kill me. Now I hunt down monsters for a living so that your average pony can continue to ignore their existence. Monster hunting is dangerous work, but satisfying. From what I've been hearing from my new friends, though, a lot of the monsters we've been fighting lately have been—different. They've been more organized, for starters, and their attacks seem to have some larger goal in mind...

    The Sisters Doo by Ponky
    Daring Do seeks a favor from her sister in Ponyville. Due to buried grudges, things quickly get out of hoof. She soon finds herself on her most perilous mission yet... with her biggest fan in the world. In the midst of truth and lies, loyalty and treachery, love and hate, one thing is clear ― some family situations are stranger than fiction.

    The Three Whooves by Paleo Prints
    'John Smith' has settled in Ponyville with his wife and two daughters for many peaceful years. When the TARDIS gets a temporal distress call, Doctor Whooves and his family find themselves lost in time. Now Derpy must contend with not only monsters and maniacs, but the future and past versions of her husband!

    Elementals of Harmony by FanOfMostEverything
    Something is gathering around the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Something dangerous. Something magical. There's only one pony with the knowledge, the skills, and the muffins needed to save Equestria as we know it. A Friendship is Magic: the Gathering crossover, taking place between seasons 1 and 2. Here there be flashbacks, briefly seen OC's, and possibly every emotion known to man or tiny horse. Abandon all pretenses of not being a nerd, ye who enter here.

    Equestria: Total War by Emkaji
    War comes to Equestria: with despair, with starvation, with suffering and with sacrifice. And the ponies must learn how to keep true to their values while surviving not just the rigors of battle, but the desolation of total war.  (I am including this long abandoned but magnificently written story for its vivid portrayal of Derpy Hooves as the captain of the ragtag Ponyville Militia, leader of the Equestrian Army of Free Ponies, and finally General of the mighty Army of Northern Equestria.)