• Story: Fallout Equestria: Audio Logs of Gilda

    [Sad][Alternate Universe][Crossover]

    Author: GaryTheGriffon

    Description: Two hundred years ago, just after the megaspells rained down from the skies, there was a dual between two mighty warriors. Gilda the griffon, and Rainbow Dash the pegasus. In the end, the Element of Loyalty fell, and Gilda was left to see the destruction the war brought to the world all alone.
    The following are the recovered audio logs she left behind. Many are unintelligible, but I managed to recover enough of them to prove one inherent truth in this world of ours.
    Anyone can change. -Watcher

    Fallout Equestria: Audio Logs of Gilda

    Additional Tags: For those obsessed with Fallout Equestria.