• New PonyClub Releases a New Update - Alpha 1.4

    PonyClub has released another update, adding tons of new styles for your pony in tails, hairs, and bangs, along with extra animations in the eyes and expressions. This comes along with a few more general content updates including puzzles and general optimization.

    Head on down below for the list and some screenshots!

    Go play it over here. 

    ALPHA 1.4. Patch Note
    Added a prize for 25 subscriptions to Patreon!
    - 3 new bangs
    - 8 new tails
    - 9 new hairstyles
    - 3 new animations for expression of emotions - laughter, angry stomp and HUGS!
    - new three, plants, and many new insects have been added to the forest

    In addition to this:

    - special "animation" for AFK
    - eyes animation
    - new campfire and waterfall graphics
    - the possibility of a smaller zoom
    - general optimization of the game