• (Confirmed for New YT Series) The FUNdamentals of Magic w/ Princess Celestia: Types of Magic 💫 (Ep.1)

    You may recognize this, since we've technically already posted it, but Hasbro quickly took it down afterward. It looks like there will be more than what we've had teased though. The FUNdamentals of Magic video has had a title shift, showing that it is only the first episode. We also got a description:

    Princess Celestia educates her class on the different types of magic in Equestria, like the big and bold, ancient and majestic, and even wacky and wild! When the ponies' hearts and minds are in the right place, there's no end to the incredible feats they can achieve! ✨

    Head on down below for it. 

    Thanks to Jonathan, Alyhuman, Unstable Sun, and everyone else for the heads up