• Community Soapbox #75 - Filthy and Spoiled Divorce, Alien Alicorns, Discord is a Thief, and More!

    (Delayed to today due to the news flood yesterday)

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    Headlines for the week: 

    • Filthy and Spoiled Rich should get a divorce
    • 7 years, and not a single Spikelestia episode in sight
    • Alien Alicorns
    • Discord May Be Reformed but He Is Still a Thief
    • The Future of the Castle Map

    And get your soapboxes below!

    7 years, and not a single Spikelestia episode in sight
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Yanno, it’s odd. Spike is the one of two characters (the other being Luna) in the series who knows Celestia better than Twilight. This is evident in many episodes, but most notably from Spike’s dialogue in “The Crystalling”, where he reassures Twilight that giving her student space to learn her own lessons is exactly what Celestia had done with her, and Twilight hadn’t come to that conclusion herself. This duo is really only ever explored in IDW’s Friends Forever #3 comic, but I know many wish to see it put into episode form- if only for it to delve into the long unsolved mystery of where Spike’s egg originated from, and how it landed in Celestia’s hooves. But what about their friendship? The comics showed that Celestia raised Spike when he was an infant for a while (at least before her duties forced Celestia to force his upbringing on Twilight’s shoulders), so there must be a bond still there.

    Filthy and Spoiled Rich should get a divorce
    By: MegaSean45

    We all know Filthy Rich is pretty friendly for a rich pony, but look at Spoiled! I have no idea what Filthy sees in her. Spoiled was obviously marrying him for his booty! By that, I mean his loot! Spoiled is such a snob that thinks she's so great, and look at that nose job she had before she married Filthy! Also, do you remember in the episode Princesses Dream Magic Sheep, in the dream world, Filthy dreamed of himself at Rainbowshine's house before the house came to life? Then remember when Filthy bought Spoiled flowers in Isn't Mane Thing About You, but then he went back to the flower shop cause Spoiled was unhappy? Obviously, Filthy and Spoiled's marriage is failing.

    My point is, we should have a divorce episode featuring them. It would teach children how to deal with divorces because we know it would affect Diamond Tiara greatly, and it would be a good excuse for her to come back! This could also develop her friendship with the CMCs, typically Apple Bloom, who has a very close family compared to DT's. I know this episode would be pretty heavy, doc. Great scott! But if they can pull off an episode like The Perfect Pear, they can pull this off too!

    If not an episode, then a comic!

    Alien Alicorns
    By: nopony

    The Space Pirates attacked a spaceship and destroyed it. Only two passengers survived, and landed somewhere in Equestria using an emergency capsule. Star Swirl the Bearded found them, and figured out they were babies of a highly magical and intelligent alien species. After founding Equestria, the three races were getting along well, but still needed a unified leadership. Star Swirl thought the beings he had found would be good candidates for the rulers.

    But there was one problem - they looked strange to ponies and probably wouldn't be accepted as their royalty. That's why Star Swirl decided to magically transform them. Alicorns were the logical choice - they were mythical creatures used in Equestrian heraldry (like dragons and griffons in our world), and represented the unity of the three races. Star Swirl altered the aliens permanently to make them look like Alicorn designs from the Equestrian flag, and named them Celestia and Luna. When they were old enough, he started teaching them everything they needed to know to rule Equestria. Later he began his political manipulations to install them as Princesses.

    (This theory is not fully compatible with Journal of the Two Sisters, but neither is Shadow Play.)

    Discord May Be Reformed but He Is Still a Thief
    By: Koray Hatay

    While browsing reviews for the episode “Discordant Harmony”, I noticed that the reviewers failed to explain the coins that Discord uses as payment in various stores. Many fans theorized that he manifested them from nothing, pulled them from an alternate dimension or that he's just a hard-working philanthropist.

    I believe I found the answer within season 5. In the episode “Make New Friends but Keep Discord”, Discord extracts a mountain of treasure from the Smooze and makes it vanish. This pile contained tons of coins which he likely sent to his home. This explains why he was so cavalier with the money as it was never his to begin with. Essentially, Discord used stolen money to fund a tea-party in his best-friend's honor.

    I initially interpreted this as a Robin-hood-like gesture: taking money from the elite and distributing it to local businesses. However, the sudden disappearance and re-appearance of such wealth (possibly acquired through taxation) likely drove the Equestrian economy out of whack. Perhaps Discord is still evil but more methodical in his approach? Or is this his punishment towards ponies for leaving their wealth un-guarded? Regardless, I love the continuity on display.

    The Future of the Castle Map
    By: Golden Star

    So last season, we saw the castle map expand its horizons by reaching out to Starlight and Spike to solve friendship problems. I thought it was really great to see this happen for both of them as getting called by the map showed how far they've come and grown since their earliest episodes, but it did also raise new questions regarding how it really operates. Does it only work for castle residents, or can it work for other ponies that have close ties to the Mane 6? And since Spike's calling proved that the map's power doesn't apply exclusively to ponies, is there a chance that any other non-equine characters could be called for a mission in the future? Maybe we could be seeing the CMCs be called by it, either as a group or with one of the Mane 6 (possibly their sisters). Maybe there's a chance Trixie could be called by it, or even, dare I say, Discord? Seeing him try to solve a friendship problem in his own unique and unpredictable way has got to be worth the price of admission, right? The possibilities are certainly expansive with this magical piece of geographic furniture and in terms of both location and adventure, I look forward to seeing where it takes the characters next.