• Spike Day Draws to a Close

    Spike Day is finally at an end and a growing dragon needs his sleep! While we didn't have a ton of posts today due to a lack of brand new material as Seth wants to keep the reposting of things to a minimum, we hope that you guys had a great day all the same!

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    Spike's Day Out

    Here's something a little different: A simple graphics mod of Death Road to Canada adding in Spike as a playable character!




    Spike Finds Love At Last


    Acrostic Poem

    Savior of the Crystal Empire
    Proud to be a pony and dragon
    Instant messaging
    Knight in shining armor
    Eats gemstones

    Twilight’s first friend
    Has hands to hold things
    Enamored with Rarity

    Dreads to be sent away
    Ready to lend a claw
    Ambassador to the dragons
    Green flames
    Occasionally snarky
    Noble Dragon


    Dragon and Pony
    Will always be by your side
    Brave and Glorious

    Words to Twilight:
    Together since birth
    You raised me with love and care
    We are family

    Words to Rarity:
    In love at first sight
    My beloved Rarity
    Your Spikey Wikey

    Words to Discord:
    Chaos incarnate
    You’re kinda a big weirdo
    You’re also my friend

    Words to Ember:
    Brains, brawn, and beauty
    You became the Dragon Lord
    You became my friend

    Words to Thorax
    Feared, hated, alone
    But change is in your nature
    Darkness turns to light

    Shiny tasty treats
    I can never have enough
    I like green ones best

    Ogres & Oubliettes:
    My name’s Garbunkle
    I will rescue Smarity
    May the dice roll true

    Spike’s Fear:
    I am not needed
    Please! I do not want to go
    Don’t leave me alone

    #1 Assistant:
    No job is too big
    Always ready to take notes
    With me, you got this

    It was an accident:
    I didn’t mean to
    Ever see a dragon sneeze
    We can get new books

    I love to read books
    Just not as much as Twilight
    I prefer comics more

    The comic relief
    Rarely am I the hero
    But right by your side

    More than:
    Not just a dragon
    Nor am I just a pony
    I am more than that

     Prince of Friendship
                 A Spike Day poem by Booksmart the alicorn
                  Once upon a time , so they say 
               It's always a hero to to save the day.
                     With their amazing skills and a sense of what wrong and right
                       To vanquish sinister evil and venomous blight.
               Every pony loves a hero  (especially if it's a girl )
                Princesses are awesome but tell me : where are the princes in the world?
          Raise your head , boys!
         Dry your tears ,dear son! 
         Started as a zero, but soon you're become #1
                  You're strong,    and also you 're also smart!
         You're also brave and you're also got a kind heart!
              Count your blessings and all of your winnings!
             We all come from humble beginnings!
          so, Calling all misfits and freaks!
       And pray for the outcast.
                The last becomes the first and the first the last!
             Stand up for others and  keep the sacred seven,
                             Be a walker of worlds from Earth to heaven.
              So if whatever life brings you up  as well as down,
    Be empowered, my Princes of friendship, and wear your crown!





    [1] Source

    Minimalist spike by Death-of-all

    [2] Source

    Spike Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko

    [3] Source

    Spike Minimalist Wallpaper by apertureninja


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