• 2018 Brony and My Little Pony Convention Listing

    CONVENTIONS. They make the fandom go round... the world. Or something!

    If you are looking for a place to meet some fellow pony fans while taking part in panels and other standard events involving cartoon horses, this is the place to find one! If you just want simple meetups, be sure to hit our meetup map up.

    Update: Added Crystal Mountain Pony Con

    CONVENTION RUNNERS: Please see this post for information on submitting your image and descriptions. Please also include a list of show guests that have been announced.

    Note: Post will be updated as information changes or improves. 

    February 17 - 18
    Haarlem, Netherlands

    March 30 - April 1
    San Fransisco, CA

    Welcome to BABSCon: Fables and Fantasies! The world’s largest first-year pony convention, located just south of San Francisco at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, turns 5 this year and we're making this year’s con the best ever! This year, we welcome for the first time John de Lancie, the voice of Discord, as well as Bright Mac's voice actor: Bill Newton. BABSCon features fun-filled and entertaining events throughout the weekend including the fifth season of The Voice: Equestria, our NEIGHHEM concert, and, as always, exclusive programming only available to attendees ages 12 and under (who receive FREE admission); Teens ages 13-17 can attend for just $40. So come on down to the City by The Bay and experience a magical land of magic, wizardry, and ponies!

    BABSCon Guests:
    John de Lancie
    Kelly Sheridan
    Bill Newton
    Trevor Devall
    Amy Keating Rogers
    Christina Rice
    Heather Breckle
    Plus more...

    April 13 - 15
    Schaumburg, Illinois

    May 18 - 20
    Seattle, Washington

    Everfree Northwest, the world’s second largest My Little Pony fan convention, and first 3-Day convention, is ready to bring the awesomeness in 2018! Our location across from the SeaTac airport at the beautiful DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport allows attendees to easily access the heart of Seattle via the convenient Light Rail. We're welcoming a very special Guest for the first time, Ashleigh Ball, along with a complimenting cast of other voice actors and show staff! EFNW features panels and events run by fans and for fans, as well as multiple gaming rooms, top-notch charity auction (over $135,000 raised!), special VIP events, rocking Ponystock concert, and for our second year in a row, the Grand Galloping Gala! Foals 12 and under get in free, as part of our mission to bring Equestria to Earth for families and fans of all ages! Join our Everfree Family this May 18-20 in Seaddle!

    Show Guests:
    Ashleigh Ball
    Andrea Libman
    Bill Newton
    Chris Britton
    Ingrid Nilson
    Ryan Beil
    Sarah Edmondson
    Jason Deline
    Brenda Crichlow
    Richard Newman
    G.M. Berrow
    Josh Haber
    Katrina Hadley
    Jim Miller

    May 19, 2018
    Manchester, UK

    A new spring convention for lovers of shows featuring both Candy Coloured Equines and Griffins. It will offer a single day / night of the usual convention fun and entertainment. The convention is set in Manechester, part of the Griffish Isles, a land known for only having too few pegasi to keep the rain always at bay.

    May 25 - June 1
    Vancouver, BC

    June 1 - 2
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    June 8 - 10
    Grünberg, Hessen, Germany

    For the last two years, Derpyfest was not more than a small meetup for some local Pony fans. But not anymore! Derpyfest has been grown to a meetup based convention! Yay!
    Other than a regular convention, Derpyfest set its focus on the big party in the evenings and a cozy get-together. Here you have the chance to find new friends, test your skills in My Little Karaoke or trotmania or enjoy a cold german Beer. Don't worry you will have plenty of chances to get one because all drinks and are included! For the evening party we got Prince Whateverer and Jyc Row who heats up the stage, as well as the tons of local DJ’s. If you have enough of music you can also visit the panels and other activities. And most important: Eat a lot of muffins! So nothing more to say as come and visit Derpyfest 2018.

    July 20 - 22
    Columbus, Ohio

    July 27 - 29
    Baltimore, Maryland

    July 28 - 29
    Ludwigsburg, Germany

    You know the magic of lucky No.7 ? Well, GalaCon, one of Europes biggest and oldest „Friendship is Magic“ fan conventions is back for its 7th year in a row! Once more we offer a variety of international guests of honour from the show and the community. Tune in for interesting panels, learn something new in hosted workshops or just have fun with other planned activities. Meet old friends or make new ones. Roam the vendor halls on the hunt for the best merchandise and maybe attend our „ePONYmous MANE evening events“: The formal Gala Ball and the Gala Party. Whatever suits you best, together with you we hope to make GalaCon the BEST WEEKEND EVER! Again in 2018, July 28.+29. in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

    August 31st, 2018 - September 1st, 2018
    Provo, Utah

    Crystal Mountain Pony Con is back for its 6th year in a row! This year, it’s taking place at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah from August 31st to September 1st. Show guests like Nicole Oliver, Peter New, and Rebecca Shoichet will appear as VIPs along with comic book artist Tony Fleecs. Attendees with higher ticket tiers will have the opportunity to participate in activities with the VIPs like a local chocolate factory tour and even a tabletop gaming café! Panels and activities will be available for all ages and family passes are available. Community musicians will also be in attendance for a late night concert on the convention center’s rooftop! Applications for volunteers, vendors, press, and community guests are still open. Follow CMPC on social media for the latest updates and announcements. We hope to see you all at Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2018!

    Show Guests:
    Nicole Oliver
    Peter New
    Rebecca Shoichet
    Tony Fleecs

    September 14 - 16
    Uslar, Lower Saxony, Germany

    Everfree Encore is a Brony music festival hosted by the Pony Events Federation who are also hosting Germany's most famous Brony convention: GalaCon. Brony musicians from mostly Europe but also from all over the world will be invited to set up an event centered on the music that rose from our fandom of small, pastel colored horses. Fun included.

    AliCon 2018
    September 22, 2018 - September 23, 2018
    Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

    AliCon is a new pony convention being held in Adelaide, Australia. Our convention aims to bring the best of the Australian Brony fandom together by putting on panels with special guests, concerts, and much more. For our first year, we will be bringing Michelle Creber 'Down Under' for her first Australian appearance. So saddle up, and come down to Saddle-aide this September for an unforgettable weekend of pony fun!

    October 26 - 28
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    17th and 18th Nov 2018)
    Recess @ Sunway GEO Avenue (Malaysia)

    Guest of Honor: Ellen-Ray Hennesy (VA for Mistmane) via teleconference