• Today is EQLA's Final Day for Online Registration Discount Prices!

    As was previously reported, 2017 will be Equestria LA’s final convention. While badges will be sold at the door starting at 4 pm on Thursday, November 16th at the venue, today is the last day for online pricing! Weekend badges are $60 (at door $75), Friday and Sunday are $30 (at door $40), and Saturday badges are $40 (at door $50) until midnight on Thursday, November 9th. This is your last chance...ever...for lower priced badges to Southern California’s Premier My Little Pony Fan Convention! If you are thinking about attending the con, now is the time to buy!

    There are also 3 tickets left for Choose Your Adventure: Laser Tag with Vincent Tong, Black Gryph0n and Baasik! (Bvids is going, too, if you want to shoot lasers at that crazy guy from Bronies React and Whooves Line.) It includes a boxed lunch also with Andrea Libman and Chiara Zanni, and tickets will not be sold at the door! Now is your last opportunity to make unique, once-in-a-lifetime memories with My Little Pony voice actors and community content creators. Ticket sales also end at midnight on Thursday the 9th!

    You can register for badges and special event tickets at https://equestriala.com/registration.

    Hurry! The clock is ticking!