• MLP Director Jayson Thiessen Hints at Leaving Pony in New Article About His First Brony Con

    With eight years of nonstop pony under his belt, Jayson Thiessen has published an article about his experiences at his very first Brony convention, way back when we were still pulling in only 300 or so people and using back-alley venues to save money. In it, he details his initial response to a bunch of older dudes lovin on the horses, along with take on the fandom as a whole.

    Unfortunately, this may be a farewell piece. A few quotes hint that he is planning on moving on from the show. Or more specifically:

    And as I now put my own journey with My Little Pony behind me and look forward to my next adventure, I will always look back and feel proud that for some people, this little show about colorful ponies and their lessons in friendship was a life-changing experience. It certainly has been for me.

    We don't have complete confirmation yet, but that does sound pretty final.

    You can red the entire thing over here.

    Thanks to Fluttershy_Z, Marc, Stormshadow, and everyone else for the heads up.