• Bonus Music #102

    Bonus music time! We've got a throwback to Tombstone, some gritty electro and speedy drum & bass, and some more soothing stuff too this time around. Check it all out below the break!

    [1] TheLivingTombstone - September (FlutterRage Cover)
    Vocal - Metal
    An aggressive metal cover with some screamo vocals and awesome heavy guitar, well presented with a lyric video.

    [2] Sonic Hooves - Starry Night
    Instrumental - Piano
    A gorgeous piano piece that softly flows through some beautiful composition, a hallmark of Sonic Hooves' style. 

    [3] Ponytronic - Void
    Instrumental - Melodic Dubstep
    An interesting melodic tune with some subtle plucks backing up a few gritty bass sounds and some sweeping formant synthwork. 

    [4] One Track Mind - Giggle
    Vocal - Electro
    An aggressive electro track reminiscent of Tombstone's style somewhat, featuring some cool use of Pinkie's vocals. 

    [5] Virus Ponies - Nothing Special 
    Instrumental - Trap
    Another gritty electro track, however this one is much more trap-focused, with heavy lower frequencies creating a spooky atmosphere. 

    [6] FruityFusion - No Worries
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass
    A fast-paced DnB piece from Fruity, this track has some great bass presence and nice use of lead synth melodies throughout. 

    [7] Daniel Ingram - Open Up Your Eyes (Cynifree Remix)
    Vocal - Chillout
    An interesting remix of Open Up Your Eyes, this focuses on a generally chilled out atmosphere, with some minor future elements and arps here and there. 

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