• We Have 5 Pony Shirts from 1000+ Designs to Give Away from Tee Public!

    Tee Public has offered to giveaway five free tee shirts to lead up to their sale next month, and tossed us one of these new fangled Glam.io pages to do it. We usually post these guys when they have their $14 shirt promos, but only new shirts are hit with that at the moment.

    Since we already have a few events going on with Trixie Day and Pumpkin carving, we aren't going to require you to do anything other than follow EQD on our various pages and get entered via Glam.

    For that, you only need to head on over here and and pick any or all of the options to get into the list. 5 random winners will be chosen 8 days from this post's creation. Refer a friend for extra points. Pretty typical as far as online giveaways go.

    Winners can pick any pony shirt in the store. There are around 1000 in total.

    Enter here! Good luck!