• Comic Dubs: Night Mares and Jump Scares / Seatbelts, Everyone! / Just a Test? / Fluttershy's Anti- Adventure

    Flutterbutt vs GHOSTS. We have a lot of comics nightmare night style. Go get em below.

    [1] Source

    [MLP Halloween Comic Dub] Night Mares and Jump Scares (Comedy) by Scribbler Productions

    [2] Source

    [MLP Comic Dub] Seatbelts, Everyone! (Comedy) by Kieran Hammersley

    [3] Source

    [MLP Comic Dub] Just A Test? (Comedy) by Kieran Hammersley

    [4] Source

    COMIC DUB: Fluttershy's anti- adventure #17 (comedy) by CaptainWhirlwind