• Wut - Starlight's Sneak Peak Season 8 Intro and Ponk Dating Sim

    Good morning and or evening everyone! It has come to my attention that sanity round' these parts has hit an all time high. People are making normal, intelligent decisions about important things without any variance or madness to speak of. Truly sad times if I do say so myself.

    Luckily, Starlight Glimmer has arrived with a sneak peak at the introduction for season 8. I think you all will find it quite enjoyable. One would be remiss to believe that a pony as noble and talented as Glimmy Glam wouldn't produce quality content at all hours of the day.

    And just in case you aren't a fan of everyone's favorite slightly bald future alicorn, we have a Ponk to date. Truly remarkable.

    Get them both below.

    WARNING: Swear Words