• Two OC Pony Slots In Season 8 of MLP Were Raffled Off at HASCON

    For those that haven't heard this one (I believe it was buried in a presser), and if the submit box is any indication there are a lot, the HASCON VIP event actually included an interesting raffle.

    From what we've gathered from people that attended, everyone was given a sheet of paper with a personality test asking things like favorite color, special talents, and various other character-building questions.

    Two (unnamed) people won in a random draw, and will be fully animated in the show. A 3rd place winner received two free tickets to a premiere of the MLP Movie. Everyone at the event will be receiving a mailed artist interpretation of what they put down on the sheet.

    Expect a few OC's next season! Luckily, thanks to the route they took with the test, we won't be seeing any neon green alicorn princes with dragon tails... but probably no bats either. Yes, that is relevant.

    Thanks to everyone for sending it!