• Tonight: HUGE Con chairs charity stream for Harvey victims!

    If there is one thing the fandom is really good at it is charity! With the recent events in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, con chairs from all over the fandom are hosting a charity stream tonight starting at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern to help raise money for the victims.

    Get the full details on what sort of goodies you can get for your donation as well as what will be discussed during the stream after the break!

    As we all know, the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey has affected the lives of thousands throughout Texas and Louisiana, flooding people out of their homes, causing billions of dollars of damage, and killing dozens of people. But every time things look the darkest, the brony community has stepped forward to open their hearts and help those who need it.

    TONIGHT, Saturday, September 2, 2017, starting at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern, tune into The Old Grey Mare to help the community raise funds for Harvey's victims. (A link to the stream will be posted both on the show's website and on @GreyMareShow on Twitter.) Join current and past chairs of over half a dozen conventions to raise funds for the Houston Food Bank!

    GIVE MONEY, GET SWAG! Everyone who donates $10 or more will have the option of receiving (for actual shipping costs only) an adorable 17" x 11" commemorative poster drawn by OMGari/Nanook123, featuring mascots from most of the involved conventions! (A preview of the art for this poster is in the header.)

    But wait— it won't just be boring fundraiser talk. In addition to raising funds for this timely and highly-rated charity, we'll be holding a lively discussion entitled "The Past, Present, and Future of Brony Conventions". In addition to a brief overview of fandom history, we'll be addressing the elephant in the room: The slow decline in attendance of brony fan events, which has led to several high-profile convention closures recently. A good cause, a broad spectrum of experienced panelists, and a timely topic should prove conducive to an evening not to be missed.

    Tonight's panel features:

    Bob Carr, founder and chair of Nightmare Nights Dallas
    Chef Sandy, founder and co-chair of Nightmare Nights Dallas (Co-Moderator)
    Darell Ignelzi, 2017 vice chair of Pacific PonyCon
    Purple Tinker, founder and first chair of BronyCon; co-chair of SeaBronies (Co-Moderator)
    Scott Kinnersley, 2016 chair of Everfree Northwest; board member for EFNW; chairperson of the board for CMPC; VIPR Negotiations lead for BronyCon; VIPR for PVCFWCPCEQLAPPCPonycon in New Jersey, BABSCon
    Sonya Hipper, founder and past chair of BABSCon; President of the Board of Harmonious Elements
    Thomas "Tom3p0" Givlin, final chair of BronyCAN
    Glitch, 2016/2018 chair of Fillycon

    Wow... what a list! So be sure to tune in, so as not to miss the exciting discussion. Learn more at http://greymare.net/events/harvey/, and don't forget to follow @GreyMareShow on Twitter for updates!