• EQLA Welcomes Gabe Brown!

    The guests keep coming at EQLA as they happily announce the attendance of Gabe Brown! With so many guests this event is promising to be one awesome time.

    Get the full details after the break!

    Equestria LA brings you Gabriel Brown AKA BlackGryphon! Gabe has lent his fantastic voice to songs from Equestria Girls - Friendship Games and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 5. Aside from My Little Pony Gabe has numerous other credits with which you may be familiar - now where do we start? Chronologically? Greatest hits to total misses? How about we just throw everything out there and you pick your favorite? Sounds good! Here we go!
       Gabe is a Navy veteran who spent three years touring with the 7th Fleet Band Orient Express. He sang everything from the Singapore & U.S. Anthems to Gangnam Style. No really! Follow the links to the 7th Fleet Band videos. After separating with an honorable discharge Gabe began several personal and collaborative projects.
                   Alright, time for a list because Gabe’s collaborations are numerous. He is a regular on the Bronies React Series. Worked on “No Mercy” with TheLivingTombstone. Gabe contributed to “asdfmovie10” by TomSka which led to his team up with LilDeuceDeuce for the song “Beep Beep I’m a Sheep” which currently, as of this writing, has 17 million views. On top of that TheLivingTombstone remixed the aforementioned song. That remix is sitting at 5 million views. Talk about a viral hit!
                     On the topic of viral hits let's transition into Gabe’s personal music missions. In 2014 Gabe, along with his brother Nate (Baasik), released “IMmortal”. At present the author of this presser can’t decide what's better about this album: Gabe’s powerful lyrical composition or his feeble attempt at rapping. We’ll get back to you on that. Moving on. Following the success of IMmortal Gabe teamed up with Michelle Creber to put out “Getting Stronger.” The album released in 2016, and fun fact - the title track was premiered at EQLA 2015!
    On top of all of this Gabe had the time to pursue voice acting landing him a role on Geronimo Stilton and the squawks of everyone’s favorite Loon: Becky from Pixar’s Finding Dory.       
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