• Compilation Albums: Horse Music Central Vol. 4 / Ragnarok Vol. 1

    There's been a bit of an increase in compilation albums being released recently, which I'm totally in favour of! First up Horse Music Central have released their 4th album, with 17 tracks from a variety of artists such as Budzy, Totalspark, Viricide Filly and more! There's all kinds of genres, but the general theme is a bit of summer fun. The second album, from Magnus Records, features 6 incredible tracks from some of the best bass artists in the fandom - Einarx, Lovestruck Brony, AJ Young, Suskii, Chang31ing and Mantlegen, and the quality of music in it is pretty awesome! You can check out the HMC album here, the Magnus Records album here, and find a teaser video for Ragnarok below the break!