• New Zealand Company "Deadly Ponies" Scoops Up the MLP License for Super Limited Handbags

    A New Zealand based handbag company called Deadly Ponies has apparently been working on a new lineup of My Little Pony handbags for a while now. Hasbro approached them two years ago with an offer to do some pony stuff thanks to their name. These guys have extremely limited runs on what the produce, with only around 50 of each of their upcoming MLP items being made available. This will include "Pony Puffs (key fobs shaped like pony heads), handbags, and accessories.

    Apparently Hasbro let them even create their very own super edgy OC, a first for licensees.

    You can check out a full interview with the project head over here, and some magazine clipped images of the actual bags below the break.

    Thanks to Sparkleops, Mutton Bash, and Duality for the heads up.