• EQLA Announces Writer Nicole Dubue and Their Choose Your Adventure Special Events

    EQLA has two special little announcements for you guys tonight as they welcome the attendance of Nicole Dubue and details for their Choose Your Adventure events which get you some time with show VIPs while having yourself a grand adventure you're sure to remember!

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    Nicole Dubuc is the co-author of the new My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries books which premiered on July 3rd! Besides working on these new books Nicole lends her talents to the episode-writing team for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Nicole graduated from Yale University with a degree in English and then returned to the West Coast (west coast is best coast, as we say) taking her first job writing for the hit television show Kim Possible! Nicole’s other credits include Star Wars Rebels, Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and many more. Her work on the production ToddWorld earned her three consecutive Emmy nominations (in 2005, 2006, and 2007) in the Outstanding Children's Animated Program category. Nicole co-developed Transformers: Rescue Bots for television and, in total, is a seven-time Emmy nominee. As if her resume wasn’t already awe-inspiring, Nicole’s talents have landed her a writing gig where she produced a script for an interactive cruise ship activity! No, really! It’s listed on her website, here take a look: http://nicoledubuc.com/about-nicole-dubuc/

    The staff at Equestria LA is blown away by the fantastic talent that is Nicole Dubuc. We cannot wait to see what this creative genius has up her sleeves. We, and our attendees, will have countless questions for Nicole at the writers panels!

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    Equestria LA Choose Your Adventure Special Events

    The next set of special, ticketed events only available to Equestria LA attendees includes 3 amazing adventures with some of our VIP guests all taking place at the same time on Friday, November 17th at 12:30 pm. All adventures include an informal, boxed lunch with all 3 VIPs and all ticket holders together, and afterwards everyone splits off to do their chosen activity.

    A-List and Star Sponsors get early, discounted access to these events starting at noon on Friday, July 28th and ending on August 18th, 2017. Purchase one of the remaining Star Sponsor badges in that 3 week period to Choose Your Adventure before the prices rise and tickets go on sale to other EQLA attendees! Those without an A-List or Star Sponsor badge may start purchasing tickets on August 19, 2017.

    Informal Group Lunch - All 3 Adventures Meet at 12:30 pm

    VIP guests Andrea Libman, Chiara Zanni and Vincent Tong will be in attendance to enjoy a 30 minute lunch with all the ticket-holders. Food served: choice of sandwich (Cranberry Turkey BLT, Roast Beef and Cheddar, or Veggie Pesto), as well as piece of fruit, bag of chips, bottle of water, and chocolate chip cookie. Ticket holders will be contacted by EQLA staff at a later time for food orders.

    Adventure 1: Puppy and Cupcake Party with Andrea Libman
    - $125 (early access Sponsor price: $100)

    Thanks to population density and the entertainment industry we found we can rent just about anything in Los Angeles: we rented puppies. Yes, real, live puppies.

    9 ticket holders will get to join Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie voice actress Andrea Libman to (safely) play and interact with up to 10 small dogs for 60 minutes in a private, indoor setting. We hope you saved room for more dessert, because a variety of cupcakes will be served to attendees who choose this adventure!

    The dogs are people-friendly and provided by a local, small, family-owned breeder which only adopts its dogs out privately, and never provides animals to pet stores. If you should fall in love with a puppy at the event the breeder will provide you with more details on how to start the adoption process; however, they do not adopt out dogs on the spot during private events. (Yes, we explored rescue/shelter dogs, but we couldn’t make it work.) Disclaimer: attendees with animal allergies participate at their own risk. While the dogs are well-trained and prepped before events, some of the animals may be young and there is an inherent risk of...ahem...accidents. We suggest not wearing your favorite shoes or outfit while playing with the dogs, just in case something unsanitary happens.

    Adventure 2: Escape Room with Chiara Zanni
    - $175 (early access Sponsor price: $140)

    Solve the puzzles and escape the room with Daring Do voice actress Chiara Zanni!

    5 ticket holders and our VIP guest will be transported to an Escape Room puzzle game location where they will need to work together as a team to gather clues, solve the puzzles and find the key in 60 minutes or less! Can you help Daring Do unlock the door? We can’t wait to find out!

    Note: Escape Room staff monitor the game at all times both to help you if you need “hints” but also for the safety and comfort of the group.

    Adventure 3: Audition Technique Class with Vincent Tong
    - $95 (early access Sponsor price: $89)

    Learn from a pro on how to show up, get it done and get the part!

    12 ticket holders will spend 75 minutes learning audition tips and technique from actor Vincent Tong, who besides voicing Flash Sentry, Garble and Feather Bangs on My Little Pony also has a long list of stage and on-camera credits to his name. The class will cover relaxation techniques; grooming and clothing; differences amongst voiceover, on-camera and stage auditions; instruction on what to do when you receive “sides”; and even helpful hints on how to enter the room and introduce yourself!

    Any scripts or class materials handed out will be autographed by Mr. Tong.

    Twitter: Calpain