• Cosplay Compilation #74

    Mi Amore Cadenza! Those are some awesome wings and one epic staff!

    Unfortunately, it seems like we only get about one of these a month. You all should take more pics at conventions! 

    Go get some cosplay below.

    [1] Source

    Princess Cadence by IlunaNeko

    [2] Source

    Discord Cosplay by A-Reaper

    [3] Source

    Sunset Shimmer Cosplay - Lab Version by sunny-tooi

    [4] Source

    Sarahndipity as Starlight, Bloo as Sunset Shimmer by sarahndipitycosplay

    [5] Source

    Dear Princess Twilight, Love Starlight by sarahndipitycosplay

    [6] Source

    Assistant Principal Luna Cosplay by Smerkalot

    [7] Source

    Discord Cosplay by A-Reaper

    [8] Source

    Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash Cosplay by PinkieKler

    [9] Source

    Rarity ( human ver.) | My Little Pony by Denpun-chan

    [10] Source

    Dazzling dazzle by Gungelion

    [11] Source

    Fluttershy BABSCon 2017 by Rainbow-Pastel

    [12] Source

    (MLP) Lyra Heartstrings Cosplay by KrazyKari

    [13] Source

    (MLP) Applejack and Winona Cosplay by KrazyKari

    [14] Source

    (MLP) More Gothic Fluttershy Cosplay by KrazyKari

    [15] Source

    Daydream Shimmer Cosplay by KimkahMakara

    [16] Source

    (MLP) Ms.Rarity's Business Call Cosplay by KrazyKari

    [17] Source

    My Discord Cosplay by NoWhaleIV

    [18] Source

    AppleJack Cosplay (Updated) by HeatherBlossom

    [19] Source

    SombraPie: 1 by Tai-L-RodRigueZ

    [20] Source

    Princess Celestia Anime Oasis by IceDragonCosplay

    [21] Source

    Tea by Aster-Hime

    [22] Source

    Muffins by MyGeekGoddess

    [23] Source

    Gala Rainbow Dash by KimkahMakara

    [24] Source

    :Sugar Crash: by DollyPrincess

    [25] Source

    Making The Caribbean 20% Cooler! by Rainbow-Pastel

    [26] Source

    The Dazzlings in Taco Bell by purpletinker

    [27] Source

    She's Back by Rainbow-Pastel