• Celestia Day Crafts, Customs, and Plushies

    Celestia doesn't look too bad in Wild West attire. Maybe she should take a 100 year vacation and roam the frontier, have some adventure and excitement!

    Celestia crafts, plushies, and customs are here guys! Get them after the break.

    [1] Source

    Celestia western ver. by AplexPony

    [2] Source

    MLP:FIM Celestia sculpture by CaptainWilder

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    Soapstone Celestia by Malte279

    [4] Source

    Tinfoil Celestia and Tree of Harmony by Malte279

    [5] Source

    It's a banana next to a banana! by Ho-ohLover

    [6] Source

    Nightmare Star Plushie by Ho-ohLover

    [7] Source

    Celestia by MagnaStorm

    [8] Source

    Celestia and Luna by WhiteDove-Creations

    [9] Source

    Princess Celestia by fireflytwinkletoes

    [10] Source

    Mischievous Celestia by fireflytwinkletoes

    [11] Source

    Princess Celestia Plush by EquestriaPlush

    [12] Source

    Princess Celestia Plush by SailorMiniMuffin

    [13] Source

    Celestia Brings Forth the Sun by obsidiandevil

    [14] Source

    Princess Celestia Custom Plush by Nazegoreng

    [15] Source

    Complete! Life Size Princess Celestia by KarasuNezumi

    [16] Source

    Princess Celestia by Dragon620026

    [17] Source

    Celestia, Element of Cake by EarthenPony

    [18] Source

    Celestia by Risocaa

    [19] Source

    Princess Celestia by MagnaStorm

    [20] Source

    Dear Princess Celestia... by MasterPlanner

    [21] Source

    Princess Celestia Ball Gown by Firefly-Path

    [22] Source

    Akemi Riding Celestia~ by KarasuNezumi

    [23] Source

    Young Filly Celestia by Furboz

    [24] Source

    Princess Celestia papercraft by muffinshire

    [25] Source

    Princess Celestia by SailorMiniMuffin

    [26] Source

    24 inch Poseable Celestia Plushie by PlushActionToys

    [27] Source

    Princess Celestia Balloon by NoOrdinaryBalloonMan

    [28] Source

    Princess Celestia Plushie by mamaapple

    [29] Source

    Princess Celestia handmade plush with faux fur by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [30] Source

    Celestia My Little Pony FiM Sculpture by Blackout-Comix

    [31] Source

    Princess Celestia Table Clock by SilverSlinger

    [32] Source

    The Mark of Princess Celestia by SilverSlinger

    [33] Source

    Celestia Raises the Sun by SilverSlinger

    [34] Source

    Celestia's Royal Bracelet by SilverSlinger

    [35] Source

    Jointed Celestia Plush by KarasuNezumi

    [36] Source

    Luna and Celestia: Two Best Sisters play Portal 2 by PrototypeSpaceMonkey

    [37] Source

    Celestia Custom by TwilightFlopple

    [38] Source

    Lifesize 68 inch Princess Celestia plush by DoubleBackstitchArts

    [39] Source

    Feathered Princess Celestia Plush with Accessories by Drachefrau

    [40] Source

    Princess Celestia - MLP - Cosplay Kimono Dress by DarlingArmy

    [41] Source

    Princess Celestia by wibblequibble

    [42] Source

    My Little Pony - Princess Celestia - Pocket Plush by Lavim

    [43] Source

    Celestia Carousel by LadyLittlefox

    [44] Source

    MLP Acrylight - Princess Celestia by VasGoTec

    [45] Source

    Wet mane Celestia with armor and socks , for sale by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [46] Source

    MLP: Celestia Bento by mindfire3927

    [47] Source

    Cadance and Celestia by krowzivitch

    [48] Source

    Customised Celestia by Groovebird

    [49] Source

    Commission: Stained Glass Celestia by The-Paper-Pony

    [50] Source

    [SOLD] Shadowbox: Princess Celestia by The-Paper-Pony

    [51] Source

    Celestia with armor by valio99999

    [52] Source

    Princess Celestia by NerdyKnitterDesigns

    [53] Source

    Young Princess Celestia by Narxinba222

    [54] Source

    Rainbows - Jeweltone Celestia by LadyLittlefox

    [55] Source

    Patreon Exclusive Celestia Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony

    [56] Source

    Wet mane Celestia with gold armor and socks by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [57] Source

    {Perler} Princess Celestia by OddishCrafts

    [58] Source

    Princess Celestia Keychain/Charm by minnichi

    [59] Source

    Princess Celestia by agatrix

    [60] Source

    Princess Celestia Scarf by SmilingMoonCreations

    [61] Source

    Celestia large beanie plushie by Epicrainbowcrafts

    [62] Source

    Princess Celestia Plush by Sophillia

    [63] Source

    Princess Celestia Details by mamaapple

    [64] Source

    Filly Princess Celestia with socks/scarf Plushie by navkaze

    [65] Source

    Celestia Wood Burn - Art Trade by rekibob

    [66] Source

    Mini Princess Celestia plush by nekokevin

    [67] Source

    Handmade Princess Celestia Plushie by HipsterOwlet

    [68] Source

    MLP FIM custom: Show accurate Princess Celestia by songbird21

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    Celestia Custom

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