• Vinyl and Octavia Day Draws to a Close

    And so another appreciation day draws to a close my friends! We hope that you have enjoyed our antics for today and that you enjoy these little days we have for our little ponies.

    Next up is Celestia Day as we celebrate the longest day of the year on June 21st (yes, I know our calendar says the 20th, but the solstice is actually on the 21st this year), you can see our whole calendar here.

    Check out the rest of the day's posts here!

    Now check on after the break for everything we just couldn't fit in for today!


    [1] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Class & Encores by OfficialPonytronic

    [2] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Gentle Days by OfficialPonytronic

    [3] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Fears by OfficialPonytronic

    [4] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Faint Kisses by OfficialPonytronic

    [5] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Times Like These by OfficialPonytronic

    [6] Source

    ⌠♪ Music/Mixes⌡Sounds Of Life and Endless Paradise Mix (1hr+ of Electronic Music) by OfficialPonytronic

    [7] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Endless Devotion [3K Sub Special (2/4)] by OfficialPonytronic

    [8] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Imagine Compassion by OfficialPonytronic

    [9] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Undreamed Panic ft Metajoker - Toy of Heart (Ponytronic Remix) by OfficialPonytronic

    [10] Source

    Vinyl's Chill by Sean Sol of 3 Pwnys by Sean Sol

    [11] Source

    Roomies [Electro Swing] by BlueBrony

    [12] Source

    Equestrian Radio, featuring Nowacking and Eilemonty by Dustykatt Rhoades

    [13] Source

    Vinyl Scratch & Octavia Play Music Together - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Season 5 by Pinkie Pie

    [14] Source

    MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks EXCLUSIVE Short - "Music to My Ears" by Hasbro

    [15] Source

    PON3 - Vinylicious - Original by Deleted Pony Songs

    [16] Source

    Song - Dubstep Dishwasher by The Living Tombstone

    [17] Source

    YourEnigma - Tavi and Scratch - My Roommate is a 'Bassist' by Yourenigma

    [18] Source

    Vinyl Scratch - All About That Bass Cannon (magyar felirat) by Flutter Dash

    [19] Source

    Swing! Tavi Swing! - By Joaftheloaf by Joaftheloaf

    [20] Source

    A Tropical Octav3 by Coconeru

    [21] Source

    Pony Rock Anthem-ShadyVox by biofreak5000

    [22] Source

    Song - Octavia's Overture by The Living Tombstone

    [23] Source

    Octavia's Overture - SlyphStorm (reimagining The Living Tombstone) by SlyphStormARCHIVE

    [24] Source

    Evening Star - Octavia by Evening Star

    [25] Source

    YourEnigma - Tavi and Scratch - "On Hold" (Ft. Rhyme Flow) by Yourenigma

    [26] Source

    YourEnigma - Tavi and Scratch - I'll Come Running (Feat. Lady Aria) by Yourenigma

    [27] Source

    KeepOnRockin' - Spin That Record Vinyl Scratch by Brony Music Archive

    [28] Source

    Omnipony - She's An Alarm Clock (She's A Pony Remix).mp4 by Red and Black Cat

    [29] Source

    Carbon Maestro - Strings Unbound by Carbon Maestro

    [30] Source

    No Strings Attached (Octavia Battle Theme) by Jeffthestrider

    [31] Source

    DJ Pon-3 - Big In Da Clubs (Official Music Video) by Derpy's Archive Central

    [32] Source

    PON3 - Ponies [3 Years Anniversary Special] by Derpy's Archive Central

    [33] Source

    SCRATON - Wub a Dub Dub by Scraton Music Official

    [34] Source

    SCRATON - Work It Tavi by Scraton Music Official

    [35] Source

    SCRATON - Glitch Hoves by Scraton Music Official

    [36] Source

    iPon-3 | THE OFFICIAL PON3 by Derpy's Archive Central

    [37] Source

    pegaSix - This Is Vinyl Scratch by NotPonyRelated

    [38] Source

    Character Study : Vinyl the mute [MLP FIM] by MaiSky



    Fanfiction and Poetry

    Vinyl Scratch reminisces about her University days where she spent more time with her friends Lyra, Octavia and Bon Bon. Now alone, she thinks about what was and what could have been. She follows the trail of memories and wishes she could alter them as she relives the events of her college years and tries to make sense of how things have changed.
    She takes comfort in the memories of kind loyalty from her best friend Lyra Heartstrings, Lyra's adorable obsession with criminal justice major Bon Bon, and her first meetings with the love of her life, Octavia Melody...

                                                                          Sisters of The Song 
                                                                              By Booksmart

    Vinyl Scratch: I am The Future!
    Octavia: And I'm The past.
    Vinyl Scratch : I love Energy and Style!
    Octavia: I love Grace and class.
    Both: And even though there are moments when we don't always get along.
    We're both sisters of the Song! ;D

    VS: Tavi, Check out my modern gadgets! ;D
    To help me make musical magic!
    Electric energy of my passion
    Helps bring out the awesome action!

    OM: True , I may be love old-fashioned things.
    But i'm a Virtuoso on the strings!
    It takes a gentle hoof and a steady pace.
    To give the atmosphere a heavenly grace.
    I love it sweet and soft
    VS: And I love it Loud and Strong!
    Both: But We have one in common :
    We're both Sisters of The Song! ;D

    Both: Music  is a universal language as well as a second voice
    It's a gift, a power and an art!
    It's comes from the mind and soul to love and rejoice!
    And it's also in your heart!

    Despite our differences,      We are a dream team!
    A dynamic duo , whole and one!
    And we're put our  arts together,
    Every party we go to is so much fun!
    We are friends, we're family in Equestria where we truly belong!
    VS : Tavi, We are truly..
    OM: Vinyl, We were truly;
    Both: Sisters of The song. ^_^<3

    Twitter: Calpain