• Marry Me Issue 7 Variant Cover Features a Pony Parody!

    I love comics. I will not deny it. The comics medium as a whole is wonderful, but one of the greatest aspects of them in the internet age are webcomics. There are a few comics I follow with any regularity, and as it just so happens, Marry Me is one of them.

    Written by Bobby Crosby, and Illustrated by Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar, Marry Me is the story of a Pop Star named Stasia who, in a fit of frustration with her love life, decides to marry the first shmuck she spots holding a "Marry Me" sign at her latest concert. That shmuck is named Guy, and he's holding the sign which belongs to his best friend Parker.

    I should probably mention this is the very first chapter in the story, and it only crazier from there.

    So, why should Bronies care about a plot-driven-romantic-comedy? Well, there is two main reasons, The first is Keenspot has been printing the comic in physical form for a few months now! The second is the MLP Parody Cover for the 7th issue of the series, which has been illustrated by well known Brony Fan Artist John Josceco.

    You should go buy it to support not just a fantastic series, but also a fellow Brony!

    The Diamond Order Code for the comic is MAY171164, and the comic has a tentative release date of July 26th, 2017.

    Now because this comic is from Keenspot and not Marvel/DC/IDW/Dark Horse/etc, not every comic shop is going to carry this comic. Currently the series is listed on Midtown Comics, and up to issue 5, however your best bet to pre-order the comic now is to go to your local comic shop and politely ask them to order it for you. Please give them the Diamond Order Code when you ask. It will make their life and yours so much easier.