• Hasbro Q4/Full Year Report Released - MLP Down Domestically, Up Internationally

    Hasbro has released their Q4/Full Year report today with details on all their business dealings including MLP. While we were hoping for some extra special news regarding season 7 or the movie all we ended up getting were business numbers.

    The big takeaways concerning us is that revenue for Hasbro increased by 13% for the year, bringing the company to a robust $5 billion in revenue, the first time in the company's history. As for MLP, sales were down in the domestic market, but saw an increase internationally where they saw a 3% increase in Franchise Brand revenues that include growth in MLP, Magic: The Gathering, Play-Doh, and NERF.

    So not too much to report, but we speculate we'll see something new at the New York Toy Fair coming up on the 18th and lasting through the 21st of this month. Stay tuned information coming out of that!

    Thanks to Twilight Sparkle for sending it in!


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