• Ponies At Dawn Amity Available For Pre-Order!

    Ponies at Dawn's 10th community compilation album is now available on bandcamp for pre-order! The album will be premiered live on Ponyville FM at 3PM EST/8PM UTC on Friday the 13th of January, and you can check out a full teaser for the album here. With remixes and collabs from artists like Silva Hound, Exiark, UndreamedPanic, Jyc Row, Kadenza, and many more, it's set to be a pretty huge release! You can view the full tracklist and pre-order the album on bandcamp here, but otherwise make sure to check out below for more information!

    Ponies at Dawn presents our 10th album - Amity! As usual, all donations go towards the artists who helped to make this album a reality. Because this is our 10th album we thought we might do something a bit different, so every track available here is either a collaboration between 2 or more artists, or a remix of a track from one of our past albums. 

    The theme of this album was the friendship that shines in our community, and we think the music on show is testament to how well everybody can work together to produce something special. 

    As with our last couple of albums, the minimum will drop to $0 on release, so you won't have to pay for the album if you don't want to. All donations go towards the artists who put their time and effort into making this album awesome.

    You can check out the 4 pre-release tracks as they come out on bandcamp over the next few days, or you can follow Cider Party's YouTube channel to keep up with them there!

    There will be a radio premiere through Ponyville FM on Friday the 13th of January starting at 3PM EST/8PM UTC (this will translate to the 14th of January for some timezones), hosted by Lycan of Lycan Dese Beats. Make sure to check your timezone here.

    The album stream will go for around 5 hours, with the album being released towards the end of this period. Make sure to stick around before and afterwards as well for some celebratory DJ sets from some of the Ponyville FM team!

    The Ponies at Dawn Team

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