• Pacific PonyCon 2017 A Success!

    Besides Ponycon which happened last weekend, Pacific PonyCon also held their convention recently with great success! With about 800 attendees and raising $2,238 for the San Diego Habitat for Humanity these were but a few successes for this year's convention.

    Check on after the break for the full breakdown!

    San Diego, California - 18 January 2017 - Order of the Friendship would like to announce that Pacific PonyCon 2017 was a success. Held at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside, according to the Chair of Pacific PonyCon, Ted Visser, about 800 bronies gathered and enjoyed the warm sun of Southern California. We were joined by numerous show and comic talent, including Nicole Oliver, Kelly Sheridan, Mary Bellamy, Sara Richards, and Tony Fleecs. Tabitha St. Germaine also joined us, but fell ill midway through the convention; we’re overjoyed to hear that she is recovering well.

    Attendees came from all over the country, and some even internationally, including our neighbors to the north and south and even Europe. All of our fun, sun, and friendship provided a positive impact to the San Diego regional economy, and we estimate we had over 102 thousand dollars in economic impact. Part of that economic impact includes a long standing trend of the brony community of raising money for charities; the convention’s charity auction which was presided over by Nolan Alisasis with the help of Kelly Sheridan and cosplayers Maddymoiselle, Sarahndipity, and Carl where $2,238 were raised for San Diego Habitat for Humanity (for more information about San Diego Habitat for Humanity, please visit www.sdhfh.org ).

    Nolan Alasisis (Programming Vice Manager, Pacific PonyCon), and Ted Visser (Convention Chair, Pacific PonyCon and President, Order of the Friendship), present the check for the proceeds of the charity auction to Lori Holt Pfeiler (President/CEO, San Diego Habitat for Humanity). Photograph by James Udan

    As we did last year, we know that without listening to those who attended, we cannot make future events better. Therefore, we ask those who attended to take a couple minutes and fill out our After Convention Review. The dozens of people who spent combined hundreds of hours preparing and working at the convention would like to thank everyone for attending, and we look forward to seeing y’all at our future events.

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