• Fall of AnterFOLD Updates to 3.0

    It wasn't too long ago that we posted about version 2.5 of Fall of AnterFOLD, the horror survival co-op pony game and now the creators have released a significant update! Looks like things are really coming along.

    Check after the break for the whole change log and a Q&A.

    Hello all.We like to share the changes that we included and changes which we hold in head,let's begin:

    1. Blood's Level

    With update 3.0 we will be using a new system, so forget about the fact that earlier Bleeding only dealt damage to your character and stops by time. From now as and with "Infection", Bleeding can't be removed. In the previous version we said that the Full Med Kit will always stop this. Blood Level, will decrease every 10 seconds by 10%(From start you have 100%). If your level is less than 10%, you will die.

    Blood Package already entered, not only do they stop bleeding but restore blood level to 100%

    You can to see this in next screenshot:

    2. Poison's Level (Still in Testing)

    Thank Resident Evil for the idea, but this doesn't mean that the system will be similar to RE.You can still send to us suggestions and ideas about it.Current system works similar to Blood's Level, but here if Level greater than 90%,you will die. According to our idea, being poisoned deteriorates eyesight of your character.

    3. Good old Cardiogram now a full replacement of old health system.

    We are a huge opponent of infinity health(Call of Duty I'm watching you). We return to the old checking of your status. Remember when you walking around the house and at the door a monster and monster shows up and says "hello" to your health? After this your status will say "All bad Dude". We return all this.

    You can to see this in next screenshot:

    Also thanks to The_Elis for all their hard work and contributions!

    Q\A from EFT #1

    So, many of you sent us questions and be sure we have not ignored you. We created this list for you in response. Yes, not all answers got responses but please don't worry, in our next Q\A we will immediately give the answers to your questions. Here we go:

    1. Q: Can i use WASD control?
    1. A: Yes, we already entered it into the launcher.

    2. Q: I don't have friends, but can I play with a random players?
    2. A: Fall of Anterfold uses a lobby system, with local and server options. In Coop Partys we open a server where you can play with others without any emulator.

    3. Q: How many Chapters will the game have?
    3. A: Five.

    4. Q: Game will be on Linux or Mac?
    4. A: On Both.

    5. Q: Can I post some ideas or can I become a tester?
    5. A: For ideas we created a "Community's Place" on our site, to become a tester you will need to contact us.

    6. Q: Can I record a video about your game?
    6. A: Yes, we will be glad to see it.

    Twitter: Calpain