• Community Soapbox #16 - Twilight is Autistic, Forbidden Pony Romance, And Celestia!

    It's that time of the week once again! People from around the fandom have submitted their arguments and ideas for pony, and we are compiling them up for you all to read.

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    Your headlines for today:
    • Why I See Twilight as Autistic
    • What is Spike's Destiny?
    • Pony Romance Forbidden
    • Princess Celestia: The Egoist or the Martyr?
    • Could Celestia Survive the MLP Movie?

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    Why I See Twilight as Autistic
    By: That One Fangirl

    I've been watching MLP for nearly 6 years now and something or rather- someone has stood out to me: Twilight Sparkle. Why? well let me explain. In 2015 I was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and that made me think about Twilight and why she stood out to me. Upon comparing myself to her I began to see me and her shared a good bit in common particularly in regards to being Autistic. Both me and her have a tendency to hyperfocus on a particular area. For Twilight that area of course is magic. Another area is we both have a need for order. Something else that shows the possibility of being Autistic is having issues with anxiety on top of the other things i mentioned. Of course this isn't all of my opinion on this but its a good portion of it and this is why I headcanon Twilight Sparkle as having High Functioning Autism.

    What is Spike's Destiny?
    By: Zexoguy

    Destiny is a prominent force in the MLP universe. A pony's destiny is most likely determined from birth and when they finally realize what it is, they get a permanent mark as a reminder. But sometimes destiny goes beyond just a cutie mark. Six random ponies turned out to be the saviors of their world, Twilight turned out to be a princess, even three young fillies were chosen as the ones to help others realize their own destinies. Every other major character has discovered that they have a greater purpose, but what about Spike?

    Back in the early days, I toyed with the possibility that Spike might be the long lost prince of the dragons. But what if he has a different kind of royal destiny? We've seen him play a role in helping Twilight, Ember and Thorax become leaders in their own right. We know he's a natural born helper, so what if his calling is helping other chosen rulers become the leaders that their people need and in turn, uniting all the kingdoms and races of the land in harmony and peace? Everyone has a purpose in life. Why should Spike's destiny be any less significant?

    Pony Romance Forbidden
    By: ManteioMorpheos

    You haven’t seen romance in FIM – and you shouldn’t expect to.

    In their unfolding adventures of mutual friendship, the Mane 6 (and most other characters) have achieved a remarkable level of maturity and emotional stability. In fact, we should expect their romantic relationships to become deep and long-lasting. But no matter how adorable and touching those stories could be, it means we would see less Friendship.

    My friends have begun to reach a marrying age that divides people: the married spouses stick together if they ever appear in public anymore, and the rest of us just wind up hanging out with other singles. What would happen if Applejack were tied more tightly to farm and family? Or if Fluttershy stayed in her cottage? The fun, varied episodes and relationships between friends we have seen develop could not continue without awkward spousal tag-alongs.

    Instead, we get only two white-washed married couples of little significance and a couple suggestive high school flings in EG. They stay safe and sterilized, not likely to weaken other characters’ relationships or threaten to pose the tough questions of complex, real relationships.

    Bottom line: if you want romance, keep writing and sharing it!

    Princess Celestia: The Egoist or the Martyr?
    By: Light-of-Dusk

    Many in the fandom are quick to judge Princess Celestia for her perceived mistreatment of Princess Luna in the time before Nightmare Moon.

    Some say Celestia hoarded fame and glory and, thereby, placed Luna in an immense shadow that gave rise to resentment.

    Have we, however, considered how Celestia might've felt about this situation and her motivations for this behaviour? Did Celestia intentionally crave the adoration of the denizens of Equestria? I think not.

    Imagine being thrust into a position of supreme leadership that Celestia occupied after Discord was defeated. There are unrealistic expectations thrust upon such a leader - forming shackles of bondage that limit the freedom of the leader.

    Perhaps, Celestia accepted this burden of rule to provide Luna with the freedom to pursue her own life without this weight to carry. In an idealistic sense, it is the duty of the older sibling to care for the younger sibling. This could've been Celestia's way of caring for Luna - by giving her the greatest gift - liberty.

    Will we know Celestia's rationale for certain? Unlikely, but it's interesting to consider the motivations of these beings we cherish.

    Could Celestia Survive the MLP Movie?
    By: Sirius Face

    Here is a simple question – should Celestia be killed off in the upcoming MLP movie?

    Hasbro has a history of killing off loved leaders in their theatrical releases. In the GI Joe animated movie, we saw the surprisingly graphic, bloody death of Duke, being speared in the heart by a snake.

    And of course, everyone knows the shocking death of Optimius Prime.

    So what if Hasbro did the same thing to Celestia? There are story reasons this could happen. The death of a main character is often the stepping point to bringing new characters into a series to reinvigorate a show and sell new toys. It is almost a guarantee that the MLP motion picture will introduce at least one new heroic character, possibly three to represent the trinity of earth, pegasi, and unicorn tribes.

    It is too early to know what the MLP movie will be about, but given the age of the show itself and Hasbro’s history, could this movie be a stepping-stone for something new?

    Should it happen? Personally, I say yes.

    Nothing against Celestia, but for the sake of a strong story that will make a strong and lasting impression, this could serve a greater good.