• Brony Thank You Fund Teams Ups With Ponycon to Buck Cancer

    That is a lot of signatures like there! A bunch of stuff is planned by the Brony Thank You Fund team for Ponycon.  Proceeds will be  heading to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. If you plan on attending the convention, head on down below for the details.

    At this weekend's Ponycon in Long Branch, NJ, you can not only catch fan favorites like Cathy Weseluck and Ashleigh Ball, but you can also help fight a deadly disease and get a chance to score some one-of-a-kind pony swag. The Brony Thank You Fund is proud to announce that Ponycon will be the first major Brony event to designate the Fund as their official charity, and we're digging into our dragon hoard of loot to celebrate. At the charity auction, which will benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, there will be some rare items up for sale, including the last of the original Thank You Fund posters that Pixelkitties designed, signed by dozens of VAs and production staff. In addition, this will be the first chance to get your hands on the 2018 Charity Calendar without shipping charges, and the vendors will be participating our discount button program that saves attendees big bucks and raises money for cancer research at the same time!