• Audio Books: Honesty Lost / Bugs in a Blanket / Lingering Shadows

    I like to imagine this is how Changeling hives work when the cameras aren't rolling, and Thorax was just a spoiled teenager rebelling against mommy. Yep.

    Time to treat your ears! Get some audio books below.

    1.) Honesty Lost [Sad][Shipping]
    2.) Bugs in a Blanket [Slice of Life]
    3.) Lingering Shadows [Adventure][Sad][Shipping]


    Author: Fillydelphian

    Description: Originally posted in the 'Anon in Equestria' threads on /mlp/, Honesty Lost follows the story of a human, Anonymous, who, after entering into a long-term relationship with Applejack, finds himself confronting uncertainty, guilt, and depression when she suddenly falls ill.

    Reader: Wuten

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: somatic
    Description: Chrysalis is miserable. The swarm is scattered, her hopes are dashed by defeat, and her royal rump is freezing off in these mountains.

    The only thing that could make this worse is a baby drone who wants a bedtime story.

    Reader: Chaotic


    Author: Yoru-the-Rogue
    Description: Unsettling dreams are starting to worry Princess Luna. She is positive these dreams hold an ominous portent for all of Equestria, but there is only one stallion who knows for certain the answers she seeks. King Sombra has been imprisoned again in Shadow since his defeat and the shattering of his body, but he is no less cunning and ruthless. And as Luna tries to interrogate him over time, she finds there is a softer side to the unicorn king, one nopony has seen before. But Celestia fears for her younger sister, warning Luna against Sombra's advances. Is the once-tyrant truly starting to court Princess Luna...or is she simply being used as a pawn in his plans to regain power?

    Reader: Chaotic