• First Wave of Community Guests Announced for Pacific Pony Con

    The team over at Pacific PonyCon has announced the first in it's list of major community guests. Expect analyzers, creators, and more to be in attendance at their event on January 6th to the 8th.

    Head on down below the break to check it out.

    Hello everypony! We are  pleased to announce our first wave of community guests that will be in attendance in Pacific PonyCon 2017.

    From comedic skits to demolition derbies, he has
    over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube and is best known
    for his Bronies React series.

    Fire Team Harmony
    Fire Team Harmony is one of The Fandoms premier Costuming Groups Crossing My little Pony With Halo after The Leader and Founding member Laughed himself to Madness over the pub of “Twilight Spartan”. while Not only touring the Convention Scene They’ve also Made their Own Skit Videos and Recently made it onto the Popular Series “Bronies React” with their Own Unique style of Humor.

    Dr. Wolf
    Dr Wolf’s  character is perhaps best known as the “Unofficial” Psychologist for the Brony Fandom. He’s been creating MLP Reviews, Analysis, Dramatic Readings, Crossover Parodies, Comic Dubs, and the series “A Moment With DRWolf” on YouTube for near Two Years now.

    Straight from “Your OC Sucks”!

    The ever-shimmering Bloo is a passionate cosplayer an aspiring voice actress. Some of her favorite cosplays include Sunset Shimmer, Princess Celestia, and Sonata Dusk. Originally from Seattle, Bloo travels across the country for different pony conventions, and she is the performer for Bronycon’s mascot, Mane Event. She has participated in the Grand Galloping Gala in 2015 as Queen Chrysalis, and she has performed in a multitude of panels alongside Shelbeanie and Sarahndipity.
    Sarahndipity, a part-time party princess and full-time cosmetology student, prides herself on being a mermaid, making puns, and being completely composed of glitter and sprinkles. She cosplays from a multitude of fandoms, including My Little Pony, Disney, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and various animes. Her cosplay accolades include being a cosplay guest at Pro+Con 2015 and winning the “Judges Award” for her Princess Luna cosplay at Soundwave Mini-con in 2016.

    For more information, please visit pacificponycon.com!